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More character sheets from past games

Last month I posted that I had found an old three-ring binder that I had kept character sheets in from different role-playing games. Here are a few more character sheets that I wanted to share.

Doctor Who RPG Character Sheet
Doctor Who Character Sheet for Christopher Floyd.

I remember playing the Doctor Who Role Playing Game by FASA in the late 80’s and early 90’s. There was a group of friends who use to hang out at Comic Utah and watch Doctor Who episodes on the local PBS affiliate, KUED Ch. 7. On the back of this sheet I had written down an inventory list for Christopher Floyd (yea it was a play on the Christopher Lloyd name). His inventory included a trench coat, an adventures hat, a briefcase, a personal word-processor computer, lots of notes, two books he had written (he was an author turned adventurer to be inspired to write future novels), a flashlight, a snubnose .22 pistol with ammo, a drawing pad and several RPG books. While I remember the friends I played with, I don’t recall much of the campaign beyond attempting to hack an alien computer system with my personal computer.

Doctor Who Character Sheet for Christopher Floyd.
Doctor Who Character Sheet for Jacob Stine.

I remember making this character with the thought that Jacob Stine would have been a member of the underworld. Infiltration, assassination, burglary, etc. Like Christopher Floyd, I had his equipment written on the back of the sheet. Weapons, blacksuit, explosives, etc. I don’t recall if I had a chance to play this character, but I believed I used him as an NPC for a Doctor Who RPG that I ran.

I’ll be getting more character sheets scanned and posted soon.

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