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2022 Character Creation Challenge Day 19: Amazing Adventures 5E

I was able to pick up PDF copy of Amazing Adventures 5E at an end-of-year sale on DriveThruRPG. While the setup in the book is mostly 1930s-40s pulp adventure, there are also sections about modern, supernatural and future. There is even a section about importing your fantasy 5E characters over just in case the DM wants to use a portal/time travel/magic hole/etc. on the players. I thought this would make an interesting entry in the 2022 Character Creation Challenge.

As mentioned above, this is a sandbox game. Since I’m lacking a GM to tell me what world I’m creating a character in, I’m sticking with the pulp style presented and creating a character from that. Derick Fieldstone will be an ex-cop turned detective who moved from the east coast of the United States to Bay City along the west coast.

There is the standard attributes in a D20 based 5E system. To generate these stats the rules recommends starting each stat at 7 and then spending 36 points to increase them to the max of 18. There are two optional methods (4d6 drop the lowest and arrange or a couple of presets) but I’m going to go with the points system for this entry.

I wrote down the basics for my class. My HP, XP, Equipment, AC, Speed, Alignment, etc. In Amazing Adventures you only get a feat at 1st level if you reduce four ability scores by 1. I’ve already gone through the ability scores so I don’t want to adjust them now.

Under “Rounding Out The Character” I selected the Law Enforcement background since Derick was once a cop. I already had the proficiency listed and weapons. So I selected a car. I could randomly roll a Personality Trait, Ideal, Bond and Flaw and write a brief description on the character sheet.

Amazing Adventures has Inspiration Points. If you play your character that is true to the personality, the GM can reward you with inspiration points. These can be used to gain advantages to yourself or an ally, avoid death, or just plain luck. It sounds like the luck and fate points used in other games. All new characters start with 5 Inspiration Points.

In your class you gain some starting equipment tool-kits and packs. This boils down to “what would your character have that fits the character” as common items. My gumshoe wouldn’t have a rocket ship, but he could have a car. Each character does have a starting wealth rating as determined by your class. This rating can be increased through game play.

Here is the character sheet. I think I’m done.


I was happy that there was some suggestions and guidelines for the character background in “Rounding Out the Character”. Too many times I’ve seen rulebooks state “Pick a flaw”. Um, yea I’m not good at that sometimes.

I thought it was funny that the character sheet had a last will and testament.

Yes I could see myself playing this game.

Additional Notes:

We are coming to the back end of the challenge. Some of these have been a real challenge. By this time last year I was in a grove when I was creating characters. This year I’ve noticed that I haven’t reached that level. I wonder if it’s because this is a larger batch of systems that I’m not use to?

If you are still going, good for you. Keep going. If you’ve had real life get in the way, feel free to jump back in when you can.

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