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RPGaDAY 2022 catch up #2

So after completing the RPGaDAY catch up #1 last week, I knew that I was going to try for a second week. So here are my entries for days 7-14.

Day 7: System Sunday- Describe a cool part of a system that you love.

I’ve been thinking about this one for a while. There have been quite a few cool features in a few different role playing systems. Some I’ve actually tried, some I’ve only read about. I think I’m going to talk about the first cool thing that stood out to me in a system. The Star Wars RPG by West End Games had a feature where each character had a quote that helped define that character. Even in all of the different supplements, if there were stats for a non-player character, they had a quote. It helped make the characters seem like more than just a set of numbers on a piece of paper.

Day 8: Who introduced you to RPGs?

I really wish I could remember the names of the people I played with over thirty-five years ago. I would like to thank them and ask if they are still playing now. I remember a lot of other names and faces from over the years, but I couldn’t tell you who first showed me that Dungeons and Dragons book back in elementary school.

Day 9: What is the 2nd RPG you bought?

This one was easy. While I cut my teeth on Dungeons and Dragons like most players at the time, I was also a big Star Trek fan. When I finally had the money to get the Star Trek Role Playing Game by FASA, I picked it up. While I didn’t get a chance to play it until later, I’ve still be a fan of this system even today.

Day 10: When did/will you start Gamemastering?

While I may have run a few friends through a session, my first memory of being a Dungeon Master was an attempt to introduce my bothers to the game. An attempt that became a complete disaster. You can read about it in my RPGaDAY2021 entry here. I have several other memories of running Star Trek sessions later.

Day 11: If you could live in a game setting, where would it be?

Another question I had to seriously think about. The fantasy setting of Dungeons and Dragons would be interesting with the wonderful magic and the variety of creatures that are found there. But when it comes down to it, I’d really love to be in that brave new worlds that we see in Star Trek.

Day 12: Why did you start RPGing?

Friends. Pure and simple. I got to hang out with friends and laugh with them. We had to scheme, we had to work together, we had to be creative, we had to use our imaginations. I heard someone call RPGing a drug-free group hallucination. I actually believe this as a good thing.

Day 13: How would you change the way you started RPGing?

That was so long ago, I’m not even certain. Perhaps introduce my father to the game so that he would understand my interest in it. I inherited a lot of my geeky interests from him. It would have been nice to share one back.

Day 14: Suggestion Sunday- Roll 1d8+1, and tag that many friends and suggest a new RPG to try.

Well any chance to roll a die. I rolled a six. I can’t really tag anyone in this format so I’ll just list some names.

Erica Abner
Jeff Sullivan
Dave Stock
Stewart Hunsaker
Marla Trowbridge
Kevin Hancock
Erin Ruston

The game I’d like to try would be FrontierSpace. I don’t know the scenario yet, but I’d love to try out the system.


Another week of good questions. It will probably be another week before I can post on this subject again. I’m not a doctor, but I believe the foot is healing. I can’t wait to have this behind me. Re-learning how to do a lot of things has been a pain. I’ve been very thankful for the family and friends who have been supportive during this time. I would like to also thank those who read my blogs and send me feedback.

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