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Carl at the Seventh Fleet Admiral's Banquet 2010
Carl at the Seventh Fleet Admiral’s Banquet 2010

This website is a personal site used by Carl Stark in order to communicate with his friends, family and fellow geeks. It does not intend to infringe upon any rights. Many different works will be referenced in various reviews, articles, artwork and more upon this site and should not be taken as a claim to the rights of referenced works. Images used are for reference purposes only.

Rights are claimed for original works posted on this site. No copying without the permission of the website owner.

Links to Amazon and DriveThruRPG are affiliate links and credit is earned from purchases made from those links. What little money they do bring in is used as part of the fandom and future blog posts. Since there isn’t a lot of traffic to this site, there is not a lot earned from the links. If you clicked on one of the links and ordered something, thank you.

Comments made by Carl Stark in the blog or articles posted on this website are his own and do not reflect any other individual, organization or company. Comments made within the comments sections of the TardisCaptain Discord Channel only reflect the thoughts of the posters that made them and should not be taken as an endorsement by the website owner.

This site will be undergoing constant updates. As Carl is human (as far as we know), mistakes can and will be made. When notified of a possible mistake, a review will be conducted and any corrections will be made (if needed). If you have any suggestions or comments about this site, please email Carl (at)

Special thanks to the following people who helped make this website possible:

  • My Family and Friends. Both for encouraging me and for reading my works.
  • Jeff Norris at ISciFi.TV for his wonderful technical help.
  • The many game developers that have provided me with hours of entertainment.
  • The writers and artists for the various works that I have enjoyed.
  • You for reading my website.
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