The push of a button, the clack of a dice roll or the flip of a card can all lead to greater things in the world of gaming. Strategies planned and the chance of victory or defeat is what attracts fans to the gaming table. Carl has had the chance to enjoy them all at various times in his life.

This section will be divided into three different sub-sections. Any special projects will have their own sub-section as they are developed.

  • Collectable Card Games will focus on the style of games that become popular in the 90’s.
  • Role Playing Games will be a large section detailing the various games that play in the theater of the mind. This can include homebrew items for different gaming systems.
  • Video Games have come a long way since the early days of Pong. This sub-section will list the various video games that have entertained Carl in his life.


  • Character Creation Challenge– A way to re-live or check out various RPGs that you may have enjoyed or would like to learn more about. This challenge takes place every January.
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