Other Interests

Don’t be fooled by the title of this section. Even though it is called “Other Interests” these are not thought of any less than the Fandoms or Gaming sections. These are items that are collected, researched or just didn’t fit in anywhere else.

  • Art- Visual creativity that has been inspiring.
  • Autographs- The opportunity to meet famous figures and obtain a memento.
  • Collectable Cards- The hunt to find the last items to make a collection complete.
  • Humor- This includes Jokes, Memes and Puns. Anything that puts a smile on a face.
  • Military History- From medieval times to the conflicts of the twentieth century.
  • Music- Everything from 80’s Music to Epic Music to Rock and Comedy.
  • Publications- Collected books, magazines and fanzines.
  • Quotes- Inspiring words that have been found and shared.
  • Sports- Thoughts on the local teams and more.
  • Technology- The interesting gadgets and gizmos that make our lives better.

As this site develops, more may be added to this section.

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