Photo Gallery

These are the various photo galleries from different events. I’ve been pouring over old archives and photo albums trying to find different photos that could be posted here.

  • Kewl Stuff- These are random photos that didn’t really fit into another category, but were too kewl to leave off the site.
  • Artists- Meeting various sci-fi and fantasy artists or work that they have done for me.
  • Authors- The scribes that have penned some of my favorite novels.
  • Star Trek- The various actors and producers that have worked on the show.
  • Star Wars- Star Wars actors that I have had the opportunity to get a photo with.
  • Other Actors- Different shows and movies, these are photos with other actors that I have had the opportunity to meet.
  • Musicians- Photos from concerts or meeting the musicians themselves.
  • Sports- Images from sporting events that I have taken.
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