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Daily Star Trek Quotes: February 28-March 6

Me checking my twitter feed.

Here are the Daily Star Trek Quotes that will appear on the @STrekQuotes twitter account for the week of February 28th through March 6th.

February 28
“We just need to have the courage to see this through the end.” Janeway- Scorpion, Stardate: 50984.3 #StarTrek #StarTrekVOY #WeAreStarfleet #IDIC

March 1
“Out there in the Demilitarized Zone, all the problems haven’t been solved yet. Out there, there are no saints — just people. Angry, scared, determined people who are going to do whatever it takes to survive.” Sisko- The Maquis Part II #StarTrek #StarTrekDS9 #WeAreStarfleet #IDIC

March 2
Happy Birthday to Gates McFadden. @gates_mcfadden #StarTrek #StarTrekTNG #StarTrekProdigy #WeAreStarfleet #IDIC

“It’s the struggle that is important. That’s what helps us to define our place in the universe.” Dr. Crusher- The Quality of Life, Stardate: 46307.2 #StarTrek #StarTrekTNG #WeAreStarfleet #IDIC

Happy Birthday to Ethan Peck. @ethangpeck #StarTrek #StarTrekDiscovery #StarTrekShortTreks #StarTrekStrangeNewWorlds #WeAreStarfleet #IDIC

(just after beaming onto the Enterprise for the first time) “Sir, Ensign Spock, S 179-276 SP, reporting for duty.” Spock- Q&A, Stardate: Unknown #StarTrek #StarTrekShortTreks #WeAreStarfleet #IDIC

March 3
James Doohan born on this date in 1920. #StarTrek #StarTrekTOS #StarTrekTNG #StarTrekProdigy #WeAreStarfleet #IDIC

“The keyboard. …How quaint.” Scott- Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, Stardate: 8390.0 #StarTrek #StarTrekTOS #WeAreStarfleet #IDIC

March 4
“Our future is honor. Our present is serving this ship.” Klag- A Matter of Honor, Stardate: 42506.5 #StarTrek #StarTrekTNG #WeAreStarfleet #IDIC

March 5
Happy Birthday to Jolene Blalock @JoleneBlalock #StarTrek #StarTrekENT #WeAreStarfleet #IDIC

“Vulcans have a saying: ‘One man can summon the future.'” T’Pol- United, Date: November 15, 2154 #StarTrek #StarTrekENT #WeAreStarfleet #IDIC

March 6
“You call yourselves Redshirts?” Boimler “Cool name, right? Makes us sound invincible.” Castro- The Spy Humongous, Stardate: 58105.1 #StarTrek #StarTrekLowerDecks #WeAreStarfleet #IDIC

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Mining Star Trek Trivia From Episodes

Today I had an opportunity to do something that I haven’t had a chance to do in a while. Mine an episode of Star Trek for trivia and quotes.

As most of my readers know, I am the Commander-in-Chief of a Star Trek parent organization in the form of a “Fleet”. Before I was asked to take a position in the admiralty, I was the Captain (chapter president) of a local chapter. Part of our job was to prepare the members to go up in rank as much as they wished. The higher the rank, the more they were willing to serve. In Starfleet Command’s Seventh Fleet, guidelines have been set for going up in rank from Crewman 3rd Class all the way to Captain. This is different from other organizations that I’ve observed as they leave the lower ranks up to the decision of the CO and only provide guidelines for the higher flag ranks. One of the items to accomplish for a rank advancement is passing off a merit sheet. This is a short 5-20 question document with trivia based on a wide variety of subjects (general trivia, specific trivia about an episode, race, ship, etc., Star Trek quotes or production history, real-life science, specific episodes or movies, etc.) Some examples of these merit sheets can be found on the websites of individual chapters. One of the things I noticed as a Captain is that some members didn’t know what merit sheet to take next. So I decided that I was going to make a merit sheet for each episode of Star Trek. This way I could ask the member, “what is your favorite Star Trek episode?” Once they responded, I would give them the merit sheet for that episode and suggest that they just sit down, watch their favorite episode and fill in the answers to the questions.

Yes that goal may seem daunting now with new episodes coming out all the time on Paramount+, but at the time Enterprise was the last series that had been released. So I started on the project and I got pretty far. I completed all seven seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation. I’ve been able to get through the first 4 1/2 seasons of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and I’ve done a hand full of episodes from the other series. I would plop in a DVD on my computer, pull up Memory-Alpha, and watch an episode. If something that sounded like a trivia question would come up, I wrote it down. Eventually I’d come up with 20 questions and the merit sheet was ready to go for use.

I also “mined” the episode for quotes for use on the Daily Star Trek Quotes twitter account that I run. Sure, Memory-Alpha had some quotes listed in the episode entries. But there was a lot more that didn’t get posted to MA. Since I was watching the DVD with the closed caption turned on, I could easily rewind the episode and make sure I got a quote that sounded good written down for use. I would later add these quotes to a spreadsheet broken down by series, episode and who said it. So far I have over 7,500 quotes in this spreadsheet from The Cage to the latest episodes of Lower Decks. I’ve been able to post quotes for an actor’s birthday that has even impressed the online fan clubs of those actors.

I had a system down. I had to watch the episode alone because I was doing a lot of stopping and rewinding to make sure I had the details and quotes correct. A standard 45 minute episode could get mined for trivia and quotes in 60-75 minutes. Some days I could knock out an entire four episode DVD.

As with most fandom activities, real life got in the way. There were days that I wanted to focus on another relaxing event such as spending time with my family, reading, writing or gaming. I also decided to return to college to earn my bachelors degree. Something that I’m very glad that I did, but soaked up a lot of time. While I was able to get an episode or two down, I wasn’t on the roll that I had at my peak.

On Friday a weird moment came up where I had some free time so I decided to mine an episode for the first time in a while. However instead of using a DVD, I used my Paramount+ streaming service and watched the DS9 episode “Hard Time”. First, I have to commend Colm Meaney for his excellent acting in this episode. This was one of the “O’Brien suffers” episodes where O’Brien is dealing with the effects of PTSD. It reminded me why this was one of the episodes of the series that I enjoyed the most. It didn’t have a ton of action, but the character building was intense.

I will say that the rewind options on the streaming service were not that good. I really wish there was a “back 10 seconds” option like I’ve seen on other services. The closed captioning was also not up to par with what I was use to from the DVDs. It almost seemed like an after thought. I use the CC to make sure I’ve got spellings of the unusual names correct for the merit sheet. It was nice to have the episode at my fingertips. I may check the series on other streaming services that have DS9 to see if the tools and closed captions are better. I want to get as many of these merit sheets done as possible so that members of the Seventh Fleet have options to help them with their rank advancements. Plus it’s a little fun for me as well. Re-watching an episode is something I always enjoy.

I’m really glad that technology is assisting me with my fandom.

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Daily Star Trek Quotes: February 21-27

Um… what kind of smoke is that?

Here are the Daily Star Trek Quotes that will appear on the @STrekQuotes twitter account for the week of February 21st through February 27th.

February 21
Happy Birthday to Martha Hackett #StarTrek #StarTrekTNG #StarTrekVOY #WeAreStarfleet #IDIC

“We are alone here, at the mercy of any number of hostile aliens because of the incomprehensible decision of a Federation Captain.” Seska- State of Flux, Stardate: 48658.2 #StarTrek #StarTrekVOY #WeAreStarfleet #IDIC

February 22
Happy Birthday to Jeri Ryan. @JeriLRyan #StarTrek #StarTrekVOY #StarTrekPicard #WeAreStarfleet #IDIC

“Ranging is my job. It’s not saving the galaxy, it’s helping people who have no one else to help them. It’s helpless, and pointless, and exhausting, and the only thing worse would be giving up.” Seven- Stardust City Rag #StarTrek #StarTrekPicard #WeAreStarfleet #IDIC

February 23
Majel Barett-Roddenberry born on this date in 1932. #StarTrek #StarTrekTOS #StarTrekTNG #StarTrekDS9, #StarTrekVOY, #StarTrekDiscovery #WeAreStarfleet #IDIC

(on kids) “We raise them, we care for them, we suffer for them we keep them from harm their whole lives. Now, eventually, it’s their turn to take care of us.” Lwaxana Troi- Half a Life, Stardate: 44805.3 #StarTrek #StarTrekTNG #WeAreStarfleet #IDIC

February 24
Happy Birthday to Tawny Newsom. @TrondyNewman #StarTrek #StarTrekLowerDecks #WeAreStarfleet #IDIC

“A view like this makes you realize it doesn’t matter what deck you work on, we’re all in it together.” Mariner- I, Excretus, Stardate: Unknown #StarTrek #StarTrekLowerDecks #WeAreStarfleet #IDIC

February 25
Happy Birthday to Anson Mount. @ansonmount #StarTrek #StarTrekDiscovery #StarTrekShortTreks #StarTrekStrangeNewWorlds #WeAreStarfleet #IDIC

(to himself) “You’re a Starfleet captain. You believe in service, sacrifice, compassion… and love.” Pike- Through the Valley of Shadows, Stardate: 1048.66 #StarTrek #StarTrekDiscovery #WeAreStarfleet #IDIC

February 26
Happy Birthday to Chase Masterson. @ChaseMasterson #StarTrek #StarTrekDS9 #WeAreStarfleet #IDIC

“It’s never a bad time for flowers.” Leeta- Doctor Bashir, I Presume?, Stardate: Unknown #StarTrek #StarTrekDS9 #WeAreStarfleet #IDIC

February 27
“You know I’ve wrestled with the fine line between doing what I think is right and interfering with other species. So don’t tell me you know what I would’ve done when I don’t even know what I would’ve done.” Archer- Cogenitor, Date: Unknown #StarTrek #StarTrekENT #WeAreStarfleet #IDIC

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Homebrewed Stats for Starships Final

And we have reached the last of the scans from my 1990’s Starship Homebrew book. I had found this book earlier while unpacking various boxes after a move. It was a book that I had assembled in a three-ringed binder contained copies of ships that could be used in the Star Trek Starship Tactical Combat Simulator by FASA. These were ships from the official Starship Recognition Manuals, Rulebooks, Sourcebooks, Adventure Modules and Magazine Articles. I discovered that I wanted even more starships for the book and I found them in various official and fan-made tech manuals and blueprints. Using the Starship Construction Manual and the stats from the source material I was able to convert several starships for use with the FASA game. These scans look rough, because they are the original dot matrix printouts with, literally, cut and pasted images combined on a photocopier. But I am sharing them here for all to enjoy.

Additional: Here is a photo of the original book that I was talking about.

Master Book of Ships

Past Entries:

Homebrewed Stats for Starships

Homebrewed Stats for Starships Part II

Homebrewed Stats for Starships Part III

Homebrewed Stats for Starships Part IV

Homebrewed Stats for Starships Part V

Homebrewed Stats for Starships Part VI

Homebrewed Stats for Starships Part VII

For the last batch of vessels, we have one Gorn ship, a couple of Tholian ships and some merchant vessels. Now onto the batch.

The name of this vessel in the fan-made Gorn Guidebook is the “Gorn Space Control Dreadnaught”. I don’t know why I had changed the name to the CK-5. Probably because I was trying to mimic the naming convention seen in the Klingon Ship Recognition Manual and the Romulan Ship Recognition Manual.

The image came from The Worlds of the Federation resource book. The stats were guestimated by me at the time of creation. The 2nd edition of the Starship Construction Manual doesn’t provide any stats for Tholian equipment. I didn’t know that the 1st edition of the book had Tholian equipment until I got a hold of it several years later.

A friend of mine had several fan-made technical manuals that he let me borrow in the 90’s. This Tholian ship came from one of them. I don’t recall the title of the book. Like the Spinner, I guestimated the stats for this vessel based off of the information in the publication. The name of the class came from the book.

Stats for a passenger liner? Yes, I made these based off of the information on this vessel from the fan-made Starfleet Dyamics book. A liner could be caught in a pirate situation for both the starship tactical combat simulator or on the roleplaying side.

There were a ton of ships in the 1979 publication, “Star Trek Spaceflight Chronology“. Some of the illustrations by Rick Sternbach were even used as on-screen graphics in Next Generation episodes. There were a few different ships that I wanted to homebrew stats for. This was the first, and only one, that I did in the 90’s. I had planned to write up others, which may happen sooner or later.

So now that my past works have been uploaded for everyone to see, I’ll start working on new homebrewing ships, races, equipment, etc. Not just for FASA but for other gaming systems as well. I’ve been playing a Far Trek game online with some fellow Trekkies and I’m still enjoying Star Trek Adventures by Modiphius.

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Making Memes Part V

I’ve still been hard at work trying to spread my warped sense of humor. Here is another set of memes for you to enjoy. You can see the past memes I’ve created here: Part I, Part II, Part III and Part IV.

Just the look on Kirk’s face inspired me to make this meme. I could see him saying this. I used MS Paint to create this .

Another “I saw this face and had to meme it” project. Again this was done in MS Paint.

And the last of “Inspired by that look” memes. Here Trip Tucker is doing his Thor “Is it though?” impersonation. Plus we need more Enterprise memes.

I’ve spent some time making blanks of popular memes so that I could easily create my own. Here is one that I created using the goosebumps meme blank.

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Daily Star Trek Quotes: February 14-20

When someone asks me if the commercials for the big game were any good.

Here are the Daily Star Trek Quotes that will appear on the @STrekQuotes twitter account for the week of February 13th through February 20th.

February 14
Happy Birthday to Andrew Robinson. #StarTrek #StarTrekDS9 #WeAreStarfleet

“There’s an old saying on Cardassia: ‘Enemies make dangerous friends.’” Garak- The Search, Part II Stardate: Unknown #StarTrek #StarTrekDS9 #WeAreStarfleet

Happy Birthday to Simon Pegg. #StarTrek #WeAreStarfleet

“Are you from the future?” Scotty “Yeah. He is. I’m not.” Kirk “Well that’s brilliant. Do they still have sandwiches there?” Scotty- Star Trek (2009) #StarTrek #WeAreStarfleet

February 15
“The vultures are circling.” Paris “Vultures eat the dead, Mister Paris. We’re not dead yet.” Janeway- The Void, Stardate: 54553.4 #StarTrek #StarTrekVOY #WeAreStarfleet

February 16
Happy Birthday to LeVar Burton. @levarburton #StarTrek #StarTrekTNG #StarTrekVOY #WeAreStarfleet

“Just because something’s old doesn’t mean you throw it away.” LaForge- Relics, Stardate: 46125.3 #StarTrek #StarTrekTNG #WeAreStarfleet

February 17
Happy Birthday to Jerry O’Connell. @MrJerryOC #StarTrek #StarTrekLowerDecks #WeAreStarfleet

“I’m the first officer of a Federation starship and your commander. And nobody crushes my team. (rips shirt off) Let’s do this!” Ransom- Temporal Effect, Stardate: 57501.4 #StarTrek #StarTrekLowerDecks #WeAreStarfleet

February 18
“Captain, I’m beginning to understand why you earth men enjoy gambling. No matter how carefully one computes the odds of success, there is still a certain… exhilaration in the risk.” Spock- Patterns of Force, Stardate: 2534.7 #StarTrek #StarTrekTOS #WeAreStarfleet

February 19
“I may have trouble telling the difference between a plasma conduit and a phase inducer but there’s more to bring a Bridge Officer than memorizing technical manuals.” Troi- Thine Own Self, Stardate: 47611.2 #StarTrek #StarTrekTNG #WeAreStarfleet

February 20
“I’m a physician, not an engineer!” Dr. Phlox- Doctor’s Orders, Date: Unknown #StarTrek #StarTrekENT #WeAreStarfleet

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Book Review: Total Immersion

One of my favorite shows is the British Sci-Fi comedy Red Dwarf. What? You haven’t heard of Red Dwarf yet? OK, go watch this clip showing three of the main characters and then come back to this blog.

Done? Good let’s continue.

Long story short, Red Dwarf is a show about the last human left alive (Lister, the guy trying to teach the android Kryten how to lie) who is marooned in space on a mining vessel called the Red Dwarf. His companions are a life form that evolved from his cat (the snazzy looking guy who they called over), the hologram of Lister’s dead bunkmate called Arnold J Rimmer (he’s a smeghead) and an insane artificial intelligence that runs the ship called Holly. The crew is attempting to return to Earth after being lost in space for three-million years (there is a very good reason for this in the pilot episode called “The End).

Being one of my favorite shows and a collector of resource books, I had to pick up the two volume set called Total Immersion: The Comprehensive Unauthorized Red Dwarf Encyclopedia written by Paul C. Giachetti. These two book were published by Hasslein Books in 2014 and are very, very detailed. The title of the books is a reference to the Total Immersion artificial reality video game that the crew finds and uses in several episodes. Think a holodeck but you have to wear special VR goggles and equipment. Players get plugged into a virtual world for various roleplaying in realistic environments. Let’s just say the title is very appropriate for these two encyclopedias. The entries cover everything from the various TV series (including both American pilots), novels, resource books, roleplaying games, smegazines (magazines), official websites, DVD extras and more. I’m talking the level that would normally be seen in a fan Wikipedia. If a label was on a container in a scene, that information will be found in these books. Was there a difference between the close captioning and the script on the spelling of a name? It has been documented here. With the show being British there were some comments and jokes that I didn’t get at first. Total Immersion explained the reference to me and let me in on the joke. Everything is referenced to the source(s) that the entry came from. Here is an example.

This guide was at the bottom of every page that did not contain the art found in the book. This helped document where certain information came from. This also lead to my only snag in the book. Every once in a while an entry had a reference that wasn’t listed in the bottom guide. For example in the photo above one of the entries is listed as coming from “X-APR”. The “X” is for the miscellaneous category, but the code of “APR” is not defined. There isn’t even an APR in the other categories. This is something I could forgive because it was very rare. These two publications are the type of books that I would love to write. Detailed an interesting without being overly burdensome on a subject that I just can’t get enough of.

Another interesting feature of this two volume set is the artwork. The covers are based upon the panels seen on the side of the Red Dwarf vessel. Internally there is a bunch of black and white artwork drawn by Pat Carbajal. It wasn’t just the main characters and devices, there were some drawings of characters that only made small, but memorable, appearances. A lot of these were very detailed and impressive. Here is an example I randomly pulled from the books.

The back of the second book was an appendix which contained a categorized index. If you are looking for a list of inmates in “the tank”, you will find it here. Locations by address, yes that is here as well. Listed is all entries related to “Starbug”. While everything is listed alphabetically, it would have been helpful to give page numbers here. But I did find this to be a helpful section when trying to look up some of the details.

It is my fondest hope that there will be an updated volume to these books as we’ve been blessed with additional seasons of Red Dwarf. Until then, these books are a must for any fans of the Red Dwarf franchise and merchandise. To date, I have not found any other printed encyclopedias for the show. This two-volume set was written by fans, for fans.


Total Immersion Volume I (A-K), ISBN 978-0-578-15057-4, Trade Paperback with 327 pages.

Total Immersion Volume II (L-Z), ISBN 978-0-578-15058-1, Trade Paperback with 323 pages.

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Daily Star Trek Quotes: February 7-13

How it feels working on my computer on some days.

Here are the Daily Star Trek Quotes that will appear on the @STrekQuotes twitter account for the week of February 7th through February 13th.

February 7
“Let me help. A hundred years or so from now, I believe, a famous novelist will write a classic using that theme. He’ll recommend those three words even over I love you.” Kirk- The City on the Edge of Forever, Stardate: 3134.0 #StarTrek #StarTrekTOS #WeAreStarfleet

February 8
Happy Birthday to Ethan Phillips. #StarTrek #StarTrekTNG #StarTrekVOY #StarTrekENT #WeAreStarfleet

“You are rigid and inflexible. But maybe if you learn to bend a little, you might have better luck with your class.” Neelix- Learning Curve #StarTrek #StarTrekVOY #WeAreStarfleet

February 9
“Sir, I protest. I am not a merry man.” Worf- QPid, Stardate: 44741.9 #StarTrek #StarTrekTNG #WeAreStarfleet

February 10
“Murder is contrary to the laws of man and God.” M-5 Computer- The Ultimate Computer, Stardate: 4729.4 #StarTrek #StarTrekTOS #WeAreStarfleet

February 11
Happy Birthday to Philip Anglim. #StarTrek #StarTrekDS9 #WeAreStarfleet

“The truth is not always easy to recognize.” Bareil- The Collaborator, Stardate: Unknown #StarTrek #StarTrekDS9 #WeAreStarfleet

February 12
“What is their fixation with our ears?” Soval “I believe they’re envious.” T’Pol- Cease Fire, Date: Unknown #StarTrek #StarTrekENT #WeAreStarfleet

February 13
“Age and wisdom have their graces, too.” Picard- Too Short a Season, Stardate: 41309.5 #StarTrek #StarTrekTNG #WeAreStarfleet

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Cooking with Dungeons & Dragons

This is one of the posts that would have happened last month if I didn’t have a 31 day challenge going on. They say that there is an official (and sometimes unofficial) cookbook for everything. Late last year I picked up Heroes’ Feast, the official Dungeons and Dragons cookbook. This 212 page hardbound book was published by Ten Speed Press in 2020. ISBN: 978-1-9848-5890-0 with a cover price of $35.00US. The book was written by Kyle Newman, Jon Peterson and Michael Witwer.

My college age kid wanted to see this book after she had heard about it. It sounded interesting so I picked it up. I do some minor cooking on the side (nothing too deep, mostly crockpot experiments of recipes that I find online) but nothing that I’d write home about. My wife has some secret recipes that she has which I am very grateful for. Here meatloaf is to die for and often requested in the house. For me, if the recipe is too complicated, I tend to find something easier. While I’m still reading the book, I’ve flipped through several of the recipes. We decided upon the first recipe that we were going to try came from Mithral Hall, Potato Leek Soup. We already had a family recipe for this and we wanted to see how it compared.

Bubble, bubble toil and trouble…

For something like this, I wisely stayed out of the way. And I’m glad that I did. While I’m not going to post the recipe here, I will say that they had a special ingredient, bacon. The family loved the soup with this special ingredient. We’ve added bacon to the family recipe and it has been added to the rotation. This Dwarven recipe was listed as one of the Heroes’ Feast entries that was specially marked.

In the book is divided into several sections with specific recipes for each. Human Cuisine (with 19 recipes), Elven Cuisine (with 13 recipes), Dwarven Cuisine (with 12 recipes), Hafling Cuisine (with 11 recipes), Uncommon Cuisine (with 11 recipes from different races) and finally Elixirs & Ales (with 13 drinks, some of them alcoholic). There are also menus from several famous inns and taverns from different Dungeons & Dragons game worlds. Included in the book are tips on cooking and prepping for meals around gaming sessions. I was also impressed with the art and photos that the book contained. Some of the images looked like something you would see on a restaurant website, but they looked really good.

A few of the recipes that I am interested trying are Hand Pies, Otik’s Skillet-Fried Spiced Potatoes, Tavern “Steak”, Greenspear Bundles in Bacon, Meal’s End, Bangers and Smash, Black Pudding, Arkhan the Cruel’s Flame-Roasted Halfling Chili, “Orc” Bacon and Barovian Butterscotch Pudding.

Even if you are not big on cooking, I’d still recommend this book for some of the back story behind some of the locations and recipes. Heroes’ Feast will be sitting on my shelf next to the other Dungeons and Dragons books that I have collected. As for my daughter, she stated that she felt like Ratatouille after she had completed the recipe so she was very happy.

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More feedback from the Character Creation Challenge

So the graphic above is the one put together by my art-school college kid. I’ve been sending it out to the people who responded that they have completed the 31 day character creation challenge. If you completed it, shoot me an email and I’ll add you to the list and send you the graphic. It can be posted on your blog, message boards or social media. I still loved that she put this together for me as a gift to those who completed the challenge.

Here are the Names/Handles of those who have completed the challenge and requested the graphic.

Brian C
Craig O
Subplot Kudzu
Three Kobolds

Here are some of the comments I’ve received recently regarding this challenge.

“Thanks, also for your posts (I didn’t even know about Espionage, and thought I’d know the big entries in the genre) and for kicking this of!”

“Thanks so much for inspiring this. I’ve had kind of a wretched January and the challenge was a real bright spot for me.”

“I had great fun across the month – although I’m glad to have finished! But yes please to the badge!”

“I also read your blog post on the Traveller character you created and it sounds as if you pretty much got it in one. The character death is interesting but it was a vital part of the creation as it stopped players maxing out on terms to get the skills with no risk. I thought it rather cleverly balanced.”

“Thank you for the inspiration!”

“I made it to 31!”

“I’d like to once again thank you for organizing this. I had a blast doing and look forward to next year’s Challenge!”

“I made it to 31, although some of them were pretty nothing-y (I might start in October for next time).”

“Ooh, ooh, I made it through all 31 days of the 31-day challenge! What did your daughter make?”

“I did indeed get 31 characters posted, and I look forward to seeing the badge. Thanks for organizing the challenge, and thanks to your daughter for her contribution!”

“I did the thing, and a badge would be lovely. Thanks!”

“It was a lot of fun, and I’m looking forward to it next year.”

“I managed to post a character a day for the whole month.”

So once again thank you to everyone who participated. I’ll be posting more gaming stuff (and non-gaming stuff) very soon to the blog.

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