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Prepping for RPGaDay2023

So 2023 marks the 10th Anniversary of the RPGaDay Challenge. Starting on August 1st there will be 31 days of RPG posts based upon various suggestions as seen in the image above. The suggestions this year sound really interesting. When I saw them, it got the creative juices flowing. Something that I need for this blog. I’ve participated in this challenge in 2021 (daily) and 2023 (via catch up posts due to circumstances). I plan to attempt a daily challenge for the entire month of August.

While I will be posting my entries here on this blog, I will be posting links on social media with the hashtag #RPGaDay2023. I also plan to post entries on the message boards. I’m looking forward to seeing what I type up.

Do you have any interest in participating in this challenge? Does the list inspire you? Let’s have some fun.

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