Members of the Seventh Fleet in a Star Trek fan film.
My appearance in a Star Trek fan film.

These are some Frequently Asked (or assumed) Questions with their answers below.

  • What is this site for?

This site was developed so that Carl Stark could display his creativity, his fandom interests and what ever thoughts escape from his head.

  • Where did the username of TardisCaptain come from?

In 2000, Carl was a trainer for an ISP company. One day he was demonstrating how to create an email address to a group of new employees and needed to come up with something geeky that didn’t have his name (or a number) in it. Inspiration struck when he thought of two popular SF franchises that he liked. Star Trek and Doctor Who. The TARDIS is The Doctor’s time-traveling space-ship and Captain was a popular rank in Starfleet. Combining the two seemed a good way to connect with them both.

  • I think I’ve seen posts by a TardisCaptain on different message boards and onling gaming platforms, is that you?

Possibly. Carl has used TardisCaptain on quite a few message boards covering a variety of topics like sports, TV & radio, gaming, etc. (ya know, things he’s interested in). There have been times that he has gone to register the username and discovered that it had already been taken. When that happens, he usually creates a variation of TardisCaptain to use. So not all posts under that username are him.

  • So what is that blue and gold logo that is being used on the site?

The TARDIS used by The Doctor has a Chameleon Circuit which allows it to take any form set by the operator. In it’s use, it took the form of a British Public Call Box used by law enforcement. It became stuck in this form and has been seen like this for the entire run of the series. The four gold pips within the TARDIS is the rank insignia used by Starfleet. There are quite a few different Captain rank insignias used in the show, but the four pips was the simplest representation. And since logos should be simple, it was logical to combine the two for the site.

  • What is a Blog of Holding?

A Blog of Holding is a play on a Bag of Holding. A Bag of Holding is a magic item found in the Dungeons and Dragons role-playing game that was really popular by players and Dungeon Masters. It was a bag that could hold an unlimited number of items (armor, weapons and equipment) and not be very heavy to the carrier. If you had too many items on your character in the game, then they are weighed down and can’t move very fast. This type of bookkeeping bogged the game down so DMs had two options. Ignore the encumbrance rules all together or allow their characters to find a Bag of Holding to stuff everything into. So these bags held a lot of stuff. Since this website will contain a lot of stuff from the mind of Carl, it was a perfect name for the blog.

  • Would you like any toast?

Look, I don’t want any toast, and he doesn’t want any toast. In fact, no-one around ‘ere wants any toast!

  • What if I have a question that needs to be answered?

You can email the question to Carl (at) TardisCaptain.com

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