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Daily Star Trek Quotes: June 21-27

Casual Geordi
Geordi likes casual Friday on the Enterprise.

Here are the Daily Star Trek Quotes that will appear on the @STrekQuotes twitter account for the week of June 21st through the 27th.

June 21
“We’re all frightened by unfamiliar things.” Dr. Phlox- Fight or Flight, Date: May 6, 2151 #StarTrek #StarTrekENT #WeAreStarfleet

June 22
Happy Birthday to Tim Russ. @timruss2 #StarTrek #StarTrekTNG #StarTrekDS9 #StarTrekVOY #WeAreStarfleet

“We often fear what we don’t understand. Our best defense is knowledge.” Tuvok- Innocence, Stardate: 49578.2 #StarTrek #StarTrekVOY #WeAreStarfleet

June 23
“The horga’hn’ is the Risian symbol of sexuality. To own one is to call forth its powers. To display it is to announce you are seeking jamaharon.” Joval- Captain’s Holiday, Stardate: 43745.2 #StarTrek #StarTrekTNG #WeAreStarfleet

June 24
“Well, Mister Spock, do you have any ideas?” Kirk “We could always throw tribbles at them.” Spock “I thought Vulcans didn’t have a sense of humour.” Kirk- More Tribbles, More Troubles, Stardate: 5392.4 #StarTrek #StarTrekTAS #WeAreStarfleet

June 25
“Pinocchio is broken. Its strings have been cut.” Riker- The Measure of a Man, Stardate: 42523.7 #StarTrek #StarTrekTNG #WeAreStarfleet

June 26
“My bairns, my poor bairns.” Scotty- The Paradise Syndrome, Stardate: 4842.6 #StarTrek #StarTrekTOS #WeAreStarfleet

June 27
“The point is, you’ve got to live your own life.” O’Brien- Paradise, Stardate: 47573.1 #StarTrek #StarTrekDS9 #WeAreStarfleet

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Thank you friends for helping my collection

So I’ve been talking with several friends about my blog posts and my goals for the site. One of them told me that he was downsizing his collection of role-playing game books and offered them to me. Here is the lot which was larger than I expected.

New Games

As you can see, there are several cyberpunk games, some fantasy titles and a couple of sci-fi RPGs. My daughter already wants to look through one of them. I’m also certain that a few of these will be used in my 2022 Character Creation Challenge next January. Some of these may even inspire me to write up a review after I’ve read them.

Another friend heard about my goal of collecting the Star Trek Universe info cards that were published in the late 90s-early 00s. He let me go through his extras and I was able to find some that I didn’t have. I believe that I now own 98% of the cards published. I’d love to actually complete the set. Here are the photos of the cards.

Star Trek Universe Cards

Thank you to both friends for providing these to me. I’ll try to pay it forward when I can. These are the type of geek things that I look forward to.

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Daily Star Trek Quotes: June 14-20

Dukat fire
How it feels outside right now.

Here are the Daily Star Trek Quotes that will appear on the @STrekQuotes twitter account for the week of June 13th through the 20th.

June 14
“It is an ancient Klingon tradition to commemorate an important event with a poem.” Worf- One Little Ship, Stardate: 51474.2 #StarTrek #StarTrekDS9 #WeAreStarfleet

June 15
“As a Starfleet Captain, I can’t allow myself the luxury of yielding to personal feelings.” Picard- A Matter of Perspective, Stardate: 43610.4 #StarTrek #StarTrekTNG #WeAreStarfleet

June 16
Happy Birthday to John Cho. @JohnTheCho #StarTrek #WeAreStarfleet

“If you test me, you will fail.” Sulu- Star Trek Into Darkness, Stardate: 2259.55 #StarTrek #WeAreStarfleet

June 17
“Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for Mr. Paris. He calls it ‘Comfort food.’ Isn’t that charming?” Neelix-Faces, Stardate: 48784.2 #StarTrek #StarTrekVOY #WeAreStarfleet

June 18
“To cherry flavored snow cones. What I wouldn’t give for one right about now.” Tucker- Desert Crossing, Date: February 12, 2152 #StarTrek #StarTrekENT #WeAreStarfleet

June 19
Happy Birthday to Zoe Saldana. @zoesaldana #StarTrek #WeAreStarfleet

“I’m impressed. For a moment there, I thought you were just a dumb hick who only had sex with farm animals.” Uhura- Star Trek (2009) #StarTrek #WeAreStarfleet

June 20
“We live in a universe of magic which, evidently, you cannot see.” Ardra- Devil’s Due, Stardate: 44474.5 #StarTrek #StarTrekTNG #WeAreStarfleet

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Why I collect autographs

I was thinking about this subject the other day and realized that it would make for a good blog post. I’ve been collecting autographs ever since I first met several members of the Utah Jazz at a mall in downtown Salt Lake City in the 80’s. The team was trying to drum up interest in fans and they had several of the players at a table signing autographs for anyone who happened to be there. I was able to get four of the five players who were present (the fifth had just run out of photos to sign). I still have memories of going through the mall to that chance encounter. It was one of the many of my teenage times when I would just go wandering off on my own not knowing what I would find while exploring.

Mark Eaton

As I started going to Star Trek conventions I had the opportunity to meet several different actors. Some I’ve been able to get photos with that I’ve added to my Star Trek Actor’s Photo Gallery. From these conventions I’ve been able to get autographs from several of the actors that I’ve seen on television and movies. To get an autograph, especially when you can see them sign it yourself, is to have something that they have interacted with. I will never forget meeting with James Doohan. Especially since he was staying in the hotel I was working in at the time. I was able to interact with him on the phone after the convention.

Jimmy Doohan

Not all encounters were pleasant ones. Sometimes you have to plan to attend conventions out-of-state, make arrangements to get something to sign, think about what you are going to say to the celebrity since you only get a few seconds with them (if you are lucky it could be a few minutes). At a convention in Los Angels I had the opportunity to get an autograph from Dwight Schultz. While he is famous for his role as Howling Mad Man Murdock in the 1980’s television series, The A-Team. I wanted to get a signed photo of Lt. Barclay from Star Trek: The Next Generation. I went by his table before he arrived and noticed all of the A-Team photos, but there were no Trek photos. I enjoyed watching the A-Team. But I knew what I wanted. In the dealers room I found a vendor who had a stack of Lt. Barclay photos for sale and snatched one up. I remember being in the first dozen people in line at the appropriate time for autograph signings. Several people had commented that they liked my Barclay picture. When you get to the table, you hand the assistant your money along with the photo. My photo was the first Star Trek picture of the day for Mr. Schultz to sign and he said “oh” and reached down with his pen to sign the photo. Suddenly from behind him, a hand reached out and yanked the picture away from him. Shocked I looked up to see some woman shaking the picture at me and screaming “Where did you get this picture? This is an illegal picture!” As I started arguing with the woman that I had already paid my money and that I was owed an autograph on the item I selected, Mr. Schultz’s face went back and forth between me and the woman as we yelled at each other. I think she was his agent or something and she wouldn’t budge. I wouldn’t budge either as I had already paid for my product and stated so. Suddenly she whirled around and grabbed one of his photos, slapped it down in front of him and yelled “Sign it!” The poor actor quickly made it out to me an not wanting to fight any more, I thanked him for the autograph. Then the woman grabbed me and stated “You’re going to show me where you got this in the dealers room.” As I was being dragged past the line, I noticed how many other fans with the same photo I had quickly hiding them. I knew that while she was away, they would be trying to get them signed as quickly as possible. Not wanting to get the dealer mad at me, the moment we got into the room, I waived my hand in the general direction and said “he’s down that way.” and I walked in the opposite direction. I couldn’t have been more than a minute later before I heard the harpy scream of this person yelling at the vendor. Every time I see the photo below, I think about that encounter. To this day, I wonder what Mr Schultz thought of what happened. I don’t blame him for it, but I could tell that he was embarrassed by it.

Dwight Schultz

I wish I could say that I’ve met everyone that I’ve got an autograph from. I’ve had several friends, knowing of my hobby to collect and of my interests, provide me with autographs that they have come across on their own. I’ve enjoyed several “Weird Al” Yankovick concerts, but I’ve never had a chance to meet the artist in person. Two different friends procured an autograph for me at different meet-and-greets that they participated in. I am very thankful to these friends. And yes, someday I’ll get a chance to meet Weird Al in person. Until then I’ll continue to enjoy his music and his sense of humor.

Weird Al Yankovick

I’ve got a quite a few autographs. Not just photos in an album but on artwork, books, action figures, hats, comics, games and other collectibles. And while some have gone up in value, especially with the celebrity passing on from this life, I’ve never thought about selling these items. These are memories for me. Memories of efforts to collect the autograph. Memories from meeting these human beings who have done extraordinary things. Memories of friends who have gone out of their way to help me with my collection. I’m sad that large scale events and online auctions have pushed autograph prices higher and higher. But I am also grateful for the opportunities to meet these people. I still get a smile on my face when I look over my autographed items.

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Daily Star Trek Quotes: June 7-13

Wait? It’s a Monday?

Here are the Daily Star Trek Quotes that will appear on the @STrekQuotes twitter account for the week of June 7th through the 13th.

June 7
Happy Birthday to Karl Urban. @KarlUrban #StarTrek #WeAreStarfleet

“If you’re gonna ride in the Kentucky Derby, you don’t leave your prize stallion in the stable.” Dr. McCoy- Star Trek (2009) #StarTrek #WeAreStarfleet

June 8
Happy Birthday to James Darren. @jameswdarren #StarTrek #StarTrekDS9 #WeAreStarfleet

“Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but at least you’re in the game.” Vic Fontaine- It’s Only a Paper Moon, Stardate: Unknown #StarTrek #StarTrekDS9 #WeAreStarfleet

June 9
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier released on this date in 1989. #StarTrek #StarTrekTOS #WeAreStarfleet

“Excuse me. I’d just like to ask a question. What does God need with a starship?” Kirk- Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, Stardate: 8454.1 #StarTrek #StarTrekTOS #WeAreStarfleet

June 10
“Ritual provides structure in society—good rituals and bad rituals alike.” Deanna Troi- Half a Life, Stardate: 44805.3 #StarTrek #StarTrekTNG #WeAreStarfleet

June 11
“I wish it were as easy to stop hating…as it was to start…” Chakotay- Nemesis, Stardate: 51082.4 #StarTrek #StarTrekVOY #WeAreStarfleet

June 12
“Part of the fun of a mystery is trying to solve it before it ends… using logic.” Tucker- Impulse, Date: Unknown #StarTrek #StarTrekENT #WeAreStarfleet

June 13
Happy Birthday to Malcolm McDowell. @McDowellMalc #StarTrek #StarTrekTNG #WeAreStarfleet

“They say time is a fire in which we burn; right now I’m running out of time.” Dr. Soran- Star Trek Generations, Stardate: 48650.1 #StarTrek #StarTrekTNG #WeAreStarfleet

Happy Birthday to Fred Tatasciore. @FredTatasciore #StarTrek #StarTrekLowerDecks #WeAreStarfleet

“My heart is in engineering. I’d like permission to leave the bear pack.” Rutherford “Rutherford, that is… outstanding! Got to be true to yourself! Am I right, bears?” Shaxs- Envoys, Stardate: Unknown #StarTrek #StarTrekLowerDecks #WeAreStarfleet

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Star Trek Universe final needs

Star Trek Universe binders
The binders for the Star Trek Universe collection.

In 1998 Newfield Publications released the Star Trek Universe collection. It was a set of ten cards that could be placed into a three-ringed binder. Each card gave trivia and information on a different subject from the (then) four Star Trek series. This included crew, ships, races, episodes/film synopsis, characters, movies, culture, technology and behind the scenes. The company included a set of coasters and three-ringed binders. The publication ran until 2001 when it unexpectedly shut down after 950 cards in total.

Each card had a product number of ####-##-##. The first four numbers were some sort of organization number used by the publisher. The first two digits was the card set number (cards marked 16 from the 16th set) and the last two digits are the number of the card in the set (01-10). For some reason, there is a replacement set for set two that changed some of the cards.

When this first started, I got the introductory set. But I was never able to fully subscribe to the program. I’ve always wanted to have a complete set. Every once in a while I’d come across someone who was willing to trade, sell or just give away the cards that they had. I’ve been slowly completing a set and I’m finally within striking distance of accomplishing this goal. If I can find these last cards, it will be complete.

The Borg Queen (Set 2 Replacement card)

Set 14:

  The Galileo Seven

  Tomorrow is Yesterday

  Lieutenant Saavik

  Elim Garak


  USS Voyager NCC-74565

Set 15:

  The Naked Time



  Dr. Julian Bashir

  Amanda Grayson


Set 16:

  The Ultimate Computer

  Chief Miles Edward O’Brien

  The Clown


Set 90:

  Up the Long Ladder

  A Man Alone





  Starfleet Propulsion Specialist Kosinski

  Qualor II Surplus Depot

  Romulan Tal Shiar


I have loose cards and several sets still in shrinkwrap if anyone would like to make a trade. If someone has cards that they would be willing to sell or give away, please let me know by emailing me at Carl (at)

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Daily Star Trek Quotes: May 31-June 6

It’s BBQ season. Are you ready?

Here are the Daily Star Trek Quotes that will appear on the @STrekQuotes twitter account for the week of May 31st through June 6th.

May 31
“But I think it’s important that we remember the heroes who aren’t with us.” Archer- Home, Date: Unknown #StarTrek #StarTrekENT #WeAreStarfleet

June 1
Rene Auberjonois born on this date in 1940. @reneauberjonois #StarTrek #StarTrekDS9 #StarTrekENT #WeAreStarfleet

“I don’t like mobs. In my option, if you need one to get what you want it’s not worth getting.” Odo- Bar Association, Stardate: Unknown #StarTrek #StarTrekDS9 #WeAreStarfleet

Star Trek III: The Search for Spock is released on this date in 1984. #StarTrek #StarTrekTOS #WeAreStarfleet

“That green-blooded son of a bitch! It’s his revenge for all the arguments he lost.” McCoy- Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, Stardate: 8210.3 #StarTrek #StarTrekTOS #WeAreStarfleet

June 2
Happy Birthday to Anthony Montgomery. @MrAMontgomery #StarTrek #StarTrekENT #WeAreStarfleet

“If you want to be an effective captain, you’ve got to set your personal feelings aside and listen to what other people have to say.” Mayweather- Horizon, Date: January 10, 2153 #StarTrek #StarTrekENT #WeAreStarfleet

Happy Birthday to Zachary Quinto. @ZacharyQuinto #StarTrek #WeAreStarfleet

“If you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains – however improbable – must be the truth.” Spock- Star Trek (2009) #StarTrek #WeAreStarfleet

June 3
“We don’t have to stop being individuals to get through this. We just have to stop fighting each other.” Janeway- Scorpion Part II, Stardate: 51003.7 #StarTrek #StarTrekVOY #WeAreStarfleet

June 4
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan is released on this date in 1982. #StarTrek #StarTrekTOS #WeAreStarfleet

“Just words.” Kirk “But good words. That’s where ideas begin. Maybe you should listen to them.” David Marcus- Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Stardate: 8130.3 #StarTrek #StarTrekTOS #WeAreStarfleet

June 5
“Among humans friendship is sometimes less an emotional response and more a sense of familiarity.” Data- Legacy, Stardate: 44215.2 #StarTrek #StarTrekTNG #WeAreStarfleet

June 6
Happy Birthday to Jason Isaacs. @jasonsfolly #StarTrek #StarTrekDiscovery #WeAreStarfleet

“Rules are for Admirals in back offices. I’m out there trying to win a war.” Lorca- Lethe, Stardate: Unknown #StarTrek #StarTrekDiscovery #WeAreStarfleet

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Homebrewed Stats for Starships Part IV

Hornet Class
The cover to the Hornet Class Starship blueprints

Past Entries:

Homebrewed Stats for Starships

Homebrewed Stats for Starships Part II

Homebrewed Stats for Starships Part III

I’ve had a chance to scan in a few more homebrewed stats from different tech resources. These are starships for FASA’s Star Trek Starship Combat Simulator. We finish up the Federation destroyers and move into some unusual starships.

Off the top of my head, I’m not certain which source I used for this starship. I recognize the artwork, but not the book. I’ll have to see if I can find it so I can give it proper credit. It is another member of the upgraded Saladin family.

This also came from the same source as the Thunderbolt. It is also another variant of the upgraded Saladin class. This type of kitbash was very popular in the original source material.

This design came from the fan-made Starfleet Prototype: The Journal of Innovative Design and Ideas. Even though it was listed as “Issue 25 2291-2292”, I don’t know if any others of this journal was released. It is a very well detailed book which has other designs that I have homebrewed, or would like to homebrew.

Found in the Starfleet Dynamics (another excellent fan-made tech publication), the Guam Class was one of the few deck-carriers I had seen. Since FASA’s sources was lacking carriers, I converted this one over and added it to my book.

This starship came from a set of blueprints (also fan made) that I had found on one of my convention trips. I miss the days of going to a con and walking away with another resource book, tech manual or set of blueprints. Again I thought the idea was unique and converted it over.

Another set scanned and uploaded. Keep sending me your feedback. I’ve been enjoying talking with those that enjoyed these types of homebrewing and designs.

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Daily Star Trek Quotes: May 24-30

Never attend a Klingon gender reveal party.

Here are the Daily Star Trek Quotes that will appear on the @STrekQuotes twitter account for the week of May 24th through the 30th.

May 24
Happy Birthday to Doug Jones @actordougjones #StarTrek #StarTrekDiscovery #WeAreStarfleet

“This ship bears the name Discovery. Never has that been more fitting, or more prescient. She has carried us into the future, and it will be our privilege to make that future bright. Let us begin. Together.” Saru- People of Earth, Stardate: 865211.3 #StarTrek #StarTrekDiscovery

May 25
“I suppose it has thorns.” Miranda “I never met a rose that didn’t.” Kirk- Is There In Truth No Beauty?, Stardate: 5630.7 #StarTrek #StarTrekTOS #WeAreStarfleet

May 26
“I happen to disagree with his decision but he is my commanding officer and I follow orders.” Riker- Second Chances, Stardate: 46915.2 #StarTrek #StarTrekTNG #WeAreStarfleet

May 27
“I’m a doctor, not a counter-insurgent. Get a hold of yourself. You’re not just a hologram, you’re a Starfleet hologram!” The Doctor- Basics Part II, Stardate: 50032.7 #StarTrek #StarTrekVOY #WeAreStarfleet

May 28
“Sooner or later, you’re going to have to adapt.” Dax- Bar Association, Stardate: Unknown #StarTrek #StarTrekDS9 #WeAreStarfleet

May 29
“You’re down there, right now, with Vulcans, Andorians and Tellarites, getting ready to sign the Charter. The membership is going to grow. Dozen, eventually hundreds of species. A United Federation of Planets.” Daniels- Zero Hour, Date: February 14, 2154 #StarTrek #StarTrekENT #WeAreStarfleet

May 30
Happy Birthday to Colm Meaney. #StarTrek #StarTrekTNG #StarTrekDS9 #WeAreStarfleet

“It’s not you I hate, Cardassian. I hate what I became because of you.” O’Brien- The Wounded, Stardate: 44429.6 #StarTrek #StarTrekTNG #WeAreStarfleet

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Latest cosplay project: Admiral Picard uniform variant

Cosplay Project step 1
Cosplay Project step 1

It’s been a while since I’ve put together any type of new cosplay. There hasn’t been any events where I could cosplay at (with the pandemic and everything). I’m also a little self conscious about trying to cosplay with my glasses and gut. I know that my friends and other cosplay enthusiasts would try to tell me that those two items don’t really matter in cosplay. But I’m my own worse critic when I look in the mirror. So I’m using this project as a motivator to get a new cosplay finished and to lose some weight in the process. In the past I have cosplayed Star Trek (several Starfleet uniforms, Angosian soldier), Star Wars (Imperial Officer, Rebel Commando) and my favorite, Arthur Dent from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (a robe, pajamas, copy of the guide and (of course) a towel). I may have to do that one again for a convention.

I started with the decision to put together an Admiral’s uniform from one of the new Star Trek series on Paramount+, Star Trek: Picard. This is the uniform used by Starfleet in the mid 2380’s. I thought that the red with the gold stripes looked really sharp. The sleeves were also quite interesting as well. As we see different admirals wearing different styles of uniforms, I’m taking the opportunity to make my uniform a little more unique. That will be revealed later.

Step one has been completed. Some friends had purchased their mid-2380’s uniforms from a site called FanRek and they really liked them. I saw the shirt portion of the admiral’s uniform there (and at the time they were having a 20% off sale for Mother’s Day) so I pulled the trigger and made the purchase. The shirt arrived in ten days which shocked me. I thought it would have taken a few weeks more. This made for a very pleasant surprise when the packaged arrived. I’m modeling the shirt in the above photo. It appears to be made out of a nylon type fabric (I don’t know my fabrics by heart) so I will be wearing an undershirt with it. But for the test photo it felt fairly comfortable. In the past, most of my uniform tops had been hand made by friends. However schedules had been very hectic so I decided to try this company.

For step two, I’m going to get a new set of rank pips and combadge. I have a set already on my 2370’s uniform (grey top with division colored undershirt). However I didn’t want to add to the wear and tear of the two shirts by swapping the pins as needed. I didn’t see anything special on the episodes for pants or boots. So I am going to continue to use the black pants and black boots that I have used in previous cosplay.

Step three is going to be the additions to the cosplay that I want to make. I’m not ready to talk about it now because it may change as I try to put it together. But it would logically fit in with the theme of the uniform style. Yes photos will be posted as things come about.

For future cosplays I have a few ideas. I’d like to do a hybrid of a TOS/TNG style Klingon uniform. We’ve seen a few Klingons with bellies and I’ve got a good cloak that would work this with cosplay. From Babylon 5 I’d like to assemble an Centarui Ambassador (like Londo Mollari). Besides being able to have a belly, I could have some creativity with the flamboyant jacket. As I’ve always been fascinated by pirates, that is also on the list as well.

I’m actually looking forward to this.

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