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2023 Character Creation Challenge After Action Report

Note: If you made it through 31 days of the challenge, read to the bottom of the post.

I’m going to declare the 2023 Character Creation Challenge a magnificent success. Yes there were some days that I wondered if I was going to get through this. For the first time ever I had multiple games frustrate me so much that I just said “screw it, I’m done with this system”. But I was able to post for all 31 days (plus an extra day since I forgot that I was going to use a certain game).

I think my most favorite post was the one for Ork! Second Edition. Writing for another voice was fun and I had a blast. Fantasy Age made a little bit more sense than the 2022 entry for Modern Age. The reading of Mutant Future got the creative juices flowing and I hope to actually put thought into action sooner rather than later. When The Moon Hangs Low and BareBones Fantasy also caught my eye. After reading some of the information on the John Carter of Mars RPG, I went and purchased some of the novels to read on my Amazon Kindle.

Here is my 2023 list of characters:

Day 1: Alien Character: Jan Karlsson, Colonial Marine
Day 2: Star Frontiers Character: K’likki the Vrusk
Day 3: Low Fantasy Gaming Character: Golarth
Day 4: Tiny Spies Character: Daniel Drake
Day 5: Swashbuckling Adventures Character: Dirk Clarkson
Day 6: John Carter of Mars Character Jakour Detha
Day 7: Cepheus Deluxe Character: Jess Tokkin
Day 8: When The Moon Hangs Low Character: William “Kitt” Smythe
Day 9: Fantasy Craft Character: Perrich Teagrove
Day 10: The D6 System Character: Paul Reynolds Code Named- Gold Crown
Day 11: XD20 2nd Edition Character: Blix the Barbarian
Day 12: Mutant Future Character: Carath
Day 13: Ork! 2nd Edition Character: Grukk
Day 14: Serenity Character: Steven “Dart” Carter
Day 15: FASA Star Trek-Starfleet Intelligence Character: Roger Taylor
Day 16: Against the Darkmaster Character: Heathgar son of Kragin
Day 17: US Marshals Character: Leonard “Lariat” Daniels
Day 18: OSIRC Character: Myrin
Day 19: The Agency Character: Simon Steele
Day 20: Cyber Generation Character: Side Wire
Day 21: Strike! Tactical Combat and Heedless Adventure Character: Craig “T-Bone” Miller
Day 22: Barebones Fantasy Character: Traxxis
Day 23: D20 Modern Character: Gregory “Max” Mattheson
Day 24: Fantasy Age Character: Yost Rocktapper
Day 25: Traveller D20 (T20) Character: Baaken
Day 26: Star Crawl Characters: Multiple
Day 27: GURPS Character: Dieter “Ace” Tannin
Day 28: White Box Fantastic Medieval Adventure Game Character: Wingar
Day 29: Metamorphosis Alpha Character: Spikeleaf
Day 30: True 20 Character: Markkin
Day 31: They Came From Beyond The Grave Character: Bruce Walters
Day 32: Vampire Hunter$ Character: Jock Barkley

A big thank you to those of you who encouraged me to keep going. Thank you to those who have joined my Discord server that I’m going to start using for more blog feedback. I’m very grateful to those of you who reached out to me to let me know of the blogs and other message boards that were participating in the #CharacterCreationChallenge. On social media I saw a lot of participation on Facebook, MeWe and Mastodon, but not as much on Twitter this year. I think that the platform may be having some additional issues. I’m not on Instagram so I couldn’t tell you if anything was being posted there. If I’m missing any blogs or sites that were participating, please let me know at Carl (at) and I’ll add them to the list.

Also, if you purchased anything after clicking on the link to DriveThruRPG, thank you. I’m not doing this blog to make money, but the kickback helps when making game purchases for future challenges.

I noticed a lot of participants used Dune: Adventures in the Imperium and Aliens as their “I’m excited about this game” posts. We had more participants using themes this year. One in particular that stood out was a GM who was making future bad-guys to use against his players. I was very excited that Tim Hardin, the artist who drew the map I used in a recent Basic Fantasy game, participated and posted some very good character images for his entries.

So did you complete the challenge and make 31 characters? If so, please email me at Carl (at) My art school kid in college loved hearing about the characters I was making on a daily basis and the challenge in general. She created a badge for those who completed the challenge. It is a variant of the 2022 badge, but the fact that she was able to alter this between college homework assignments makes me happy. Here it is if you want to download it to display.

There will be a 2024 Character Creation Challenge. Keep an eye out around November for the warnings that it is coming up. I’m starting to use the supplements to some of my games to make characters so I suspect that I’ll be using one of the FASA Star Trek race supplements (Not certain if its going to be Klingon, Romulan or Orion). There are also a couple of other games that have similar supplements that I’m going to be using. Plus I backed the KickStarter campaigns for the Monty Python RPG and Cowboy Bebop RPG, so they will certainly be used in 2024.

So once again, if you had fun, if you learned something new, if you participated, thank you. I really appreciated the people who took my idea and ran with it and made it something of their own.

Tally ho

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2023 Character Creation Challenge Day 5: Swashbuckling Adventures

I picked up Swashbuckling Adventures from an online auction last year. I was very familiar with the Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 system and I loved the pirate genre. When I was prepping for the Character Creation Challenge last month, I noticed that there was no separate character sheet for Swashbuckling Adventures like there was for games like Prime Directive D20, Star Wars D20 or Judge Dread D20, so I ended up using a D&D 3.5 sheet. Like the Prime Directive and Judge Dread, it referred to the D&D 3.5 Players Handbook for basic concepts, but added on with campaign specific classes and items of their own.

So while the character creation rules are on page 6 of the 3.5 Player’s Handbook, the campaign book for Swashbuckling Adventures talks about Nationalities on page 5 with new character classes starting on page 13. In Swashbuckling Adventures all of the characters will be human, but what region are you from? From the descriptions the regions are heavily inspired by European countries all the way down to the Middle-East on a planet called Theah. The region you select determines some languages and class skills.

I looked at the new character classes listed in Swashbuckling Adventures. The Highwayman sounded interesting. So did the Inquisitor. But if I’m playing a game called Swashbuckling Adventures, I’m playing a Pirate class. The abilities that the pirate favored the most was strength, Dexterity and Constitution.

So I rolled the 4d6, dropped the lowest die and selected where each score would go to each of the standard attributes in 3.5. I ended up with the following for this character. STR 15, DEX 15, CON 14, INT 11, WIS 13, CHA 8. For the country/region that my character came from, I selected Avalon (think the British Isles).

As a pirate, the hit dice is d10 (I rolled a 4 and added +2 from my CON for 6). They also start with 3d4x10 for starting money (called Guilders instead of gold pieces). My character started with 200 G. I selected my skills and feats (primarily from the Swashbuckling Adventures book) and gathered my equipment. This character is ready.

Dirk Clarkson was originally going to be a sailor in the navy when his captain announced that they were going privateer. Clarkson discovered that he loved the Pirate life so much that when his vessel was sunk, he hooked up with a gang of pirates instead of returning to Avalon. He now looks to earn his share of the booty on the next adventure.


If you’ve played any Dungeons and Dragons 3.5, then you know the score. It was interesting reading about the different kingdoms in the campaign setting book. They had some items very detailed while leaving others available for the GM to fill in as they saw fit. If an opportunity came up to play in this setting, I would jump at it.

Additional Notes:

The publisher for Low Fantasy Gaming responded to one of my social media posts with their game. It was kewl to see the interaction. When I posted the Tiny Spies character yesterday I received a request to do Tiny Wastelands. While I own that game, I don’t have it in the 2023 schedule. I’ll have to add it to the 2024 lineup.

I’m using a new scanner this year. So far, I haven’t been impressed with the scan quality. I’ll have to see if I can improve the scan for future posts.

Coming Up Next:

John Carter of Mars

This article is open for discussion on the TardisCaptain dot Com Discord server.

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Prepping for the 2023 Character Creation Challenge

Some of the games that I plan to use in the 2023 #CharacterCreationChallenge

As I’ve mentioned before, it is always a good idea to plan ahead for a 31-day challenge. I’ve already seen quiet a few people prepping on the forums. They are deciding upon which system(s) they wish to use. Are they going to follow a theme or just create characters randomly? I’ve already had some people reach out to me using various methods to let me know of their participation. Please let me know, Carl (at) if you plan to post your characters up on a blog. I’ll link to it from the Character Creation Challenge section of my website. I also have something else in the works, but I’m not quite ready to announce it yet. Still trying to get some ducks lined up in a row.

I’m once again using a spreadsheet with the date, day and game type to schedule my games. This way I won’t have two fantasy games next to each other. I can also plan a game that may take more time and energy on a day off. This is also a good idea for those dates I know are going to be busy, I can schedule the systems I’m more familiar with for these days.

As in the past, I’ll try to walk through the character creation process as I understand them in the rules-as-written (RAW). This also gives me a chance to do a review of the process. I will then scan the character sheet for all to see. And I will have all of the character sheets printed out before the challenge starts. I’ve found that this helps me get everything ready.

If you are posting on any of the social media websites, please use the hashtag #CharacterCreationChallenge so that other participants can find them. I love seeing what other RPG fans have come up with. I also know that there is one reader who wants to see if a game will pop up that he’s never heard of. I was able to accomplish this last year with my Technoir entry.

I’ve picked up some new physical books by online auctions, trade or special sales. I’ve also done a lot of purchasing from Kickstarter, DriveThruRPG, HumbleBundle and Bundle of Holding. I even donated to a Doctors Without Borders fundraiser, for which a lot of PDF copies of different games were provided. Some of these sounded very interesting.

If you are reading this after January 1st and you still want to jump into the challenge, please do. A few participants last year either did a quick catch up or just made sure they ran a full 31 days. The choice is yours. This challenge is just for fun with our gaming systems.

Remember to have fun with this. That was one of the primary goals of the challenge.

You can also use this graphic to help promote the #CharacterCreationChallenge.

31 Day Character Creation Challenge
Feel free to share this image on social media to spread the word.
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2022 Character Creation Challenge after action report

Note: If you made it through 31 days of the challenge, read to the bottom of the post.

So the 2022 Character Creation Challenge is now in the books and this was a bit different from the 2021 challenge. I don’t know if I was more enthusiastic about the games in 2021 or if it was something else. Not knowing if there was going to be a 2nd challenge, I used a lot of games that I really wanted to run/play. For 2022 there were more games of “well it’s there, let’s take a look at it” which may have been the wrong attitude. But I’m glad that I used those games. While there are some that I’ll never play and may even trade the games away, I can still say that I’ve dipped my toe into the water. I was worried that my lack of enthusiasm for that game may affect the creation process. There was a few times I told myself “smeg it, I’m done”. I still want to do a variety of games, but I’m wondering if I should just limit it to the games I would actually want to play? I’ve got some time to think about this.

I tried to use the time that would have been allotted to me in a session zero time frame to create a character for the challenge. For some games that I am not familiar with I would probably need a lot more time to learn the system. For games that I am familiar with, I would need time to think about a character concept that would go with a party. During the 31 day challenge I also made a Far Trek character for an online game. That was done in free time and it took a few days because I had to confirm what positions were still available. Unfortunately the Engineering spot had already been taken up otherwise I would have requested the use of the character I made in 2021.

My biggest suggestions for game writers, a checklist or worksheet is a big help. Give a start and an end to the character creation process that includes the allocation of equipment. There were some really funky and weird equipment guidelines in some of the games. Some kewl and some made me scratch my head and wonder what they were smoking. Also explain your system before character creation starts. I mean explain it simply and save the extra details for later in the book. If you are going to have a player pick a value or belief for the character, give more than 2-3 examples. Even if they don’t get used they may inspire other ideas.

I would like to say that I’m very surprised by a couple of things. A thank you has to go out to the companies that still have character sheets available online for games that they haven’t touched in years. I was also surprised that some of the dead games were still available on DriveThruRPG. Especially the Farscape RPG since it is based on an intellectual property.

Last year I only printed out the character sheets just before I needed to use them. This year I had this drive to have all sheets printed out and ready to go before the challenge started. I was really glad I did this. When I discovered that one game (sideways glance at Fantasy Imperium) had a six-page character sheet and that I had scheduled it for a weekday, I moved that game to a day I had off. I’ve played with character sheets in excel, fillable character sheets and even sheets provided in a virtual table top. But I have fond memories of writing things down on a printed out sheet and loved doing that as part of this challenge. When I found my three-ringed binder full of old characters that I had played, I had a blast remembering the past games.

Yes there will be a 2023 Character Creation Challenge. Details won’t be posted for quite some time however as I’ve got to decompress.

The reaction to this year’s challenge is one of the many things that blew me away. The 2022 Character Creation thread on the forums was named a Staff Pick by the moderators. This year’s thread has made it up to (at the time of this posting) 128 pages. This was three times larger than the 2021 thread of 42 pages. I loved reading all of the different blogs that participated. If I don’t have your blog on the Character Creation Page, please send me the URL. On social media I could not keep up with all of the entries using the hashtag #CharacterCreationChallenge. This was particularly true on twitter, that place was gangbusters. I tried to like and re-tweet as much as I could but some days that got to be too much. If I missed your post, don’t feel bad. Ten days into the challenge I realized that I should have kept a tally of how many entries there were for each system, but in 20/20 hindsight I’m glad I didn’t. That could have taken up a ton of time. Perhaps I’d do this if I wasn’t actually creating characters, but I really want to roll dice since I haven’t been able to get together with friends on a regular basis. There was a number of entries also posted on Facebook and MeWe. It wouldn’t surprise me if similar threads were popping up on other social media sites and message boards. If you hear of any that I don’t follow, please let me know.

Speaking of reactions, I added a new plugin for my site this year that tracked the number of visitors. It showed the sites that you guys would read. The top five games that brought in the most visitors was Dungeons & Dragons: Holmes Basic, Classic Traveller, Espionage! and Dungeons & Dragons: B/X edition. I still need to find a way to enable followers to comment on blog posts without having to worry about spambots infiltrating everything.

The 2022 games that made the most impression on me are Dune: Adventures in the Imperium, Star Trek Adventures-The Klingon Empire, Dungeon Crawl Classics, Boldly Go!, White Lies! and Covert Ops. I want to take deeper looks at Tiny Dungeon 2nd edition, Amazing Adventures 5E, Modern Age, Castle & Crusades and Classic Traveller. While I may never get a chance to play them, I do have a greater appreciation for Werewolf: The Apocalypse and Paranoia 2nd Edition. The low points of this challenge were Fantasy Imperium and Blue Rose.

A lot of participants were posting their list of games before the challenge started. While I had a spreadsheet created to help me with my entries, I’m glad that I didn’t post it. I swapped out a couple of games when two new games came into my possession. The two I rotated out was Rocket Age and The Frontier, which should be on my 2023 challenge list.

Here is my final 2022 Character Creation Challenge list.
Day 1: Dune Adventures in the Imperium Character: Tarkin Dal of the House Nimoi
Day 2: Wendy’s Feast of Legends Character: Garthos of the Order of the Spicy Chicken Sandwich
Day 3: Dungeons & Dragons-Holmes Basic Character: Dylath
Day 4: Men in Black The Roleplaying Game Character: Agent C
Day 5: BASH! Sci-Fi Edition Character: TaChar
Day 6: Star Wars Saga Edition Character: Keet Apaal
Day 7: Espionage! Character: Devron Marcus
Day 8: Star Trek Adventures-The Klingon Empire Character: Nurot son of H’unos
Day 9: Pirates and Plunder Character: Jason “Jake” McCabe
Day 10: Modern Age Character: Raymond Ray
Day 11: Farscape Roleplaying Game Character: Drellith
Day 12: Castles and Crusades Character: Godfrey of Cloverdale
Day 13: The Judge Dredd Roleplaying Game Character: Judge Stark
Day 14: Boldly Go! Character: Tigrox Carvor of the SFS Valiant
Day 15: Covert Ops Character: William Greene
Day 16: Paranoia 2nd Edition Character: Car-R-PET-1
Day 17: Fantasy Imperium Character: William Moore
Day 18: Cyberpunk v3 Character: Freejack
Day 19: Amazing Adventures 5E Character: Derick Fieldstone
Day 20: Dungeons & Dragons B/X edition Character: Brother Alexander
Day 21: Prime Directive 1st edition Character: Kovil
Day 22: Werewolf The Apocalypse Character: Hans Brulker
Day 23: MERC Character: Mark Powell
Day 24: Dungeon Crawl Classics Character: Multiple
Day 25: White Lies! Character: Ronald Denton
Day 26: Classic Traveller Character: Tyrell Balto
Day 27: Blue Rose Character: Valk Starn
Day 28: Bubblegum Crisis Character: Taxun
Day 29: Technoir Character: Arron “Trench” Chambers
Day 30: Dark Conspiracy Character: Dale Laslow
Day 31: Tiny Dungeon 2nd edition Character: Rek Son of Talk

While I’m not trying to think of the 2023 challenge yet, I’m really hoping that I can find a copy of Star Frontiers for it. I’m also having doubts that I’ll ever find my Top Secret S/I collection. I may have to break down and see if I can acquire the rules again.

Also, if you purchased anything after clicking on the link to DriveThruRPG, thank you. I’m not doing this blog to make money, but the kickback helps when making game purchases for future challenges.

So did you complete the challenge and make 31 characters? If so, please email me at Carl (at) My art school kid in college loved hearing about the characters I was making on a daily basis and the challenge in general. She created a badge for those who completed the challenge. If you buzz me, I’ll send you the badge to display.

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2022 Character Creation Challenge Day 9: Pirates and Plunder

(singing) “Yo ho, yo ho a pirates life for me.” I’ve always been fascinated by the legends of pirates and privateers. From watching the various movies through the years, visiting the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland in the 80’s (and getting a “real” pirate map as a souvenir), having a pirate mascot in one of my schools to the pirate flag hanging in my office just to my left. You could say I’ve been a life long fan of the lore and legends. So when a pirate based RPG became available in one of the online auction sites (that was still within my price range), I jumped at the chance to pick it up. Thus I became the owner of the 1982 game Pirates and Plunder and knew that I had to create a character for the 2022 Character Creation Challenge.

Luckily the boxed set I bought still had a pad of character sheets included, I was unable to find a character sheet (or anything else for this game) online. Before I had started this year’s challenge, I made it a goal to have every character sheet printed out (more on that in the 2022 Character Creation Challenge after action report).

There are three books in the set. Basic Rules, Advanced Rules and Adventures. While reading the character creation rules they ran you through a scenario of escaping (thus a way to teach the different rules). There were some stats that they stated “This will be explained later” or “Saved for the Advanced Game”. So as I create this character, I may mention a characteristic but not go into detail as it is not covered in the basic rulebook character creation process.

The primary core of the game is using 2d10 to resolve conflicts. The book explained the 20 sided dice with different sets of numbers on them. I did not get any dice with my purchase, but I’m assuming that they included the 20 sided dice that only had 1-0 (10) on them. For the sake of this article, I’m going to use the standard ten-sided dice.

The first step is to name your character, but then the RAW advises waiting to see what stats the character has before completing this step. If you choose a nickname that doesn’t really fit, then you’d have to go back and change it. So the first real step was randomly rolling for the character’s height and weight (again sticking with the 2d10 formula). The weight results could provide some mods for the character. I ended up with 7 (he’s 5’3″ tall) which guided me to a column for the weight table. This ended up being 100 lbs. No positive adjustments to the attributes, but no negatives either (barely). A roll of 20 resulted in my pirate being left handed for the next step in the process.

Next we had a Luck/Adrenaline attribute. This the number of times I can re-roll a bad roll (by you or the GM) that affect your character per adventure. If you use this number for Adrenaline, you can temporarily increase an ability for one turn. Using either one of these items will cause the number to go down. My character ended up with a 6, no lucky breaks, darn. So far this isn’t a very impressive pirate.

Finally we have some statistics. Strength, Encumbrance Points (an advanced rule), Agility, Movement, Stealth (another advanced rule), Vision, Hearing, Senses (think Spider-sense), Constitution (advanced), Stamina and Wounds. Since I have no modifiers from my height/weight, I just roll 2d10 and add the numbers together to get my scores (other than Movement which consults a chart and Senses which is a combo of vision and hearing divided by 2). I didn’t stat any of the advanced attributes at this time. So I ended up with the following. Str- 12, Agi- 10, Mov- 6 (rolled an 11), Vis- 11, Hear- 11, Sen- 11, Wounds- 6 (really?).

Next comes your training with muskets, Pistol, Swordsmanship, Fist/Dagger with each skill getting a training rating. Again roll 2d10 and add any modifiers to two of the skills of your choice. Since I didn’t have any modifiers, I just rolled the following. Musket- 9, Pistol- 17 (wow), Sword- 10, Fist/Dagger- 4 (ugh). Now we do math to get the To-Hit rating for all of these items. Some are simple (Musket+Vision)/2 = To-Hit rating. Others were a bit more complicated. After all was said and done my To-Hit ratings came up as follows: Musket T/H- 10, Pistol T/H- 14, Sword T/H- 10, Fist/Dagger T/H- 7 Throw- 11, Reload#- 9.

Now we get to randomly roll for nationality. I’m up for this. A roll of 15 makes this character Scottish. Now I’m glad that I waited to decide upon a name. If I ever play this character, I hope I don’t drop a really bad accent in gaming sessions.

Hey, we are not done rolling up attributes yet. We get to roll 2d10 and add the results together to find our Intelligence score. I would have thought that a good Intelligence could have helped with the training we just went through above. Oh well. I rolled a 13, which is not bad, but still doesn’t earn any bonuses. This leads into the Languages. The RAW states that we are all pirates on an English privateer so we all get English no matter what nationality. A quick Google search states that most people in Scotland speak English and Gaelic. So before I can say what my un-named Scotsman can speak, I have to roll 2d10 to find out how many Language Points he has (seems a little overly complicated). A roll of 17 gives me 12 of these points. Then there is a weird note for the GM to not allow players to let the others know what languages they are taking as to prevent a group with a wide variety of languages (like I said above, overly complicated). Ya know what, screw it. Even though it’s not on the list of languages, my pirate is putting all 12 points into Gaelic since it’s from his homeland and I’m moving on.

Now I go to a chart to randomly find out what my character’s religion is. I rolled a 9 on a single d10 (first time we haven’t rolled 2d10) and checked the Scottish chart resulting in none. Ok, no problem. I’m suddenly thinking of the scene from Muppet Treasure Island when the crew gave Long John Silver the black spot on a page torn from the bible and how he was able to use that to frighten the crew back into line. Had this character had religion, I would had to randomly roll a fervor rating.

For some reason there are a bunch of boxes at the top of the sheet and I need to cross out the numbers that are above my ratings. The previous owner never did this with the characters he left in the boxed set. Next the basic book has the GM take the characters through a prison break scenario to teach the game (and fill in some other sections on the character sheet). Again there are other areas covered by the advanced rules that I didn’t have filled in. Equipment, Encumbrance, Position on ship, Swim, Drink, Greed, Emotional, Compassion, Morals, Courage and Physical. Using the guide on the back of the sheet I quickly filled in these last items. I filled in some equipment I thought my pirate would have.

Using a random name generator, Jason “Jake” McCabe is a Scottish pirate working on an English privateer. While he can’t swim, he can drink pretty well and is a crack shot with the pistol. Not much of a mean streak in him, but get him near gold and jewels and he might go a little crazy. Here is the character sheet.


A nice touch, a quick character creation process is listed on the back of the character sheet. The sheet also had the “results of ability dice rolls” explanation. This would be handy when dealing with players new to the game. You can also create secondary characters for the game. Primary characters get the most character advancement rewards earned in play with the secondary getting a smaller amount.

The previous owner had a lot of characters in the box. The advanced rules were very well worn so I think they really enjoyed this game.

I don’t know if I’d use this game to play a pirates campaign, but if I did, I’d probably want to make a character sheet out of Excel so that a lot of the math was already done during the character creation process. I know that I went a little deeper on the note taking for this character since a lot of people are probably not familiar with this RPG system.

Additional Notes:

Still no undiscovered blogs participating in the challenge have popped up. If I recall correctly, this was the same for last year. I’m still searching Twitter for the hashtag of #CharacterCreationChallenge. I’m also reading several Facebook posts in different RPG groups (I’d Rather Be Killing Monsters is a big one). I’ve been posting on MeWe, but I haven’t seen anyone else participating (but to be fair there is not a lot of users on that site in comparison to the big two). I’m not on any other social media sites (lack of time for those I’m on now) so if you see anything, please let me know at Carl (at)

Coming Up Next:

Modern Age

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