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I’ve enjoy attending various conventions when I can. Its a chance to escape the real world and just geek out for a day or more. There are different types of conventions out there: Media Cons (usually a convention with a Star Trek actor as the guest), Gaming Cons (covering just gaming), General SF Cons (covering just about everything) and more. Because of lack of funds and time I usually have to limit my con-going to what I can find locally. However every once in a while an opportunity would pop up to sneak off and attend a convention in another city. These are a real treat.

Another thing I enjoy is meeting new people at the conventions. I want to send out a special thanks to House Veska, USS Pioneer, USS Omega Glory and the USS WindSpirit who has gone out of their way to make me feel welcomed at different conventions I’ve attended. If you come to Utah for a con, please let me know.

At some conventions they run tracks of programming. These are usually panel discussions about a certain subject. Because of my various interests and backgrounds, I’ve volunteered to participate or moderate certain panels. A convention is run by a ConCom (Convention Committee) which is usually split into various jobs. For a few cons I’ve volunteered to help out in different positions. Because I’m proud of these items (attending, panels and positions), I’ve decided to list them here. If anyone wants to start a General SF Con in the Ogden area, please let me know. I’d be willing to help out.

While at some of these conventions I’ve had the opportunity to get my photo taken with several guests. Some of these can be found in these albums.

Kewl Stuff– some of these items were found at convention.

Artists– some of the artists that I’ve met at conventions.

Authors– A frequent guest at various events.

Star Trek– Actors and behind the scenes personnel.

Star Wars– Actors that I’ve met at conventions

Other Actors– A gallery of other actors from cons.

At this time I’m still in the middle of compiling this list. As I track down further information, I’ll post it here.

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