Look up the various definitions of fandom and you will find a common theme. A community or sub-culture of fans for a certain interest. What makes someone a fan of something? Basically they decide that they like something enough to call themselves a fan. If someone tries to tell you that you are not a fan, just ignore them. They don’t decide your fandom status, you do.

Currently the interests that have sub-sections in Fandom are as follows:

  • Aliens & Predator- The hunters and the hunted.
  • Animation Comedy- South Park, Daria, The Venture Brothers and more.
  • Anime- The shows and movies in the Japanese animation format.
  • Battlestar Galactica- Both the original and the new series.
  • Blackadder- The BBC comedy series starring Rowan Atkinson.
  • Doctor Who- The long running SF series from England.
  • Dune- Both the novels and the various movies/mini-series.
  • Fantasy Movies, TV & Novels- Sword swingers to spell casters and more.
  • Horror- Classic horror, cheesy horror and the horror hosts that introduce them.
  • Miscellaneous Movie, TV & Novels- Stuff that just didn’t fit into the other sub-categories.
  • Monty Python- The famous British comedy troop that gave us many laughs.
  • Pirates- From historical legends to the movies that display them.
  • Red Dwarf- The comedy/science fiction series that
  • Science Fiction Movies, TV & Novels- There is a lot that isn’t covered by other sub-sections.
  • Spy-Fi- The action adventure worlds of James Bond, Mission: Impossible, The Prisoner and more.
  • Star Trek- The iconic television and movies franchise.
  • Star Wars- The saga of movies has now moved into the realms of television.
  • Superheroes- From this comics to the screen.

As this site develops, more may be added to this section.

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