2023 Character Creation Challenge

Completed character sheets from the 2023 #CharacterCreationChallenge

This is a historical page detailing the 2023 Character Creation Challenge. It contains links to my entries plus links to blogs that participated at the time.

My 2023 #CharacterCreationChallenge entries:

Day 1: Alien Character: Jan Karlsson, Colonial Marine
Day 2: Star Frontiers Character: K’likki the Vrusk
Day 3: Low Fantasy Gaming Character: Golarth
Day 4: Tiny Spies Character: Daniel Drake
Day 5: Swashbuckling Adventures Character: Dirk Clarkson
Day 6: John Carter of Mars Character Jakour Detha
Day 7: Cepheus Deluxe Character: Jess Tokkin
Day 8: When The Moon Hangs Low Character: William “Kitt” Smythe
Day 9: Fantasy Craft Character: Perrich Teagrove
Day 10: The D6 System Character: Paul Reynolds Code Named- Gold Crown
Day 11: XD20 2nd Edition Character: Blix the Barbarian
Day 12: Mutant Future Character: Carath
Day 13: Ork! 2nd Edition Character: Grukk
Day 14: Serenity Character: Steven “Dart” Carter
Day 15: FASA Star Trek-Starfleet Intelligence Character: Roger Taylor
Day 16: Against the Darkmaster Character: Heathgar son of Kragin
Day 17: US Marshals Character: Leonard “Lariat” Daniels
Day 18: OSIRC Character: Myrin
Day 19: The Agency Character: Simon Steele
Day 20: Cyber Generation Character: Side Wire
Day 21: Strike! Tactical Combat and Heedless Adventure Character: Craig “T-Bone” Miller
Day 22: Barebones Fantasy Character: Traxxis
Day 23: D20 Modern Character: Gregory “Max” Mattheson
Day 24: Fantasy Age Character: Yost Rocktapper
Day 25: Traveller D20 (T20) Character: Baaken
Day 26: Star Crawl Characters: Multiple
Day 27: GURPS Character: Dieter “Ace” Tannin
Day 28: White Box Fantastic Medieval Adventure Game Character: Wingar
Day 29: Metamorphosis Alpha Character: Spikeleaf
Day 30: True 20 Character: Markkin
Day 31: They Came From Beyond The Grave Character: Bruce Walters
Day 32: Vampire Hunter$ Character: Jock Barkley

2023 LINKS:

Here are some of the locations where people have been posting their entries into the Character Creation Challenge. I’ve also noticed that the hashtag #CharacterCreationChallenge has pulled up entries on various social media sites.

RPG.net Message Board- Character Creation Challenge (message board with lots of entries)

RPG Geek Message Board- Character Creation Challenge (message board with a lot of entries)

RPG Pub Message Board- Character Creation Challenge (message board with lots of entries)

31 Characters (Blogspot Blog)

A Continent of Banalities (Blogspot Blog)

Attronarch’s Athenaeum (Website)

Auzhan Sector (Blogspot Blog)

Chuck Dee (Blog)

Crits (WordPress Blog)

Divagciones Roleras (Blogspot Blog) Note: blog is in Spanish

Flubs and Boons (Blogspot Blog)

Gaming with the Gnomies (Blogspot Blog)

Herbert Nowell (Website)

Lucifer’s Shards (Blogspot Blog)

Paratime Design (Website)

Retro Arcana Games (blog)

RPG Brainstorming (Tumblr Blog)

Rummaging In The Junk Drawer (WordPress Blog)

The Other Side (Blog)

The Watch House (Blogspot Blog)

The White Minotaur (WordPress Blog)

These Old Games (Website)

Three Kobolds (WordPress Blog)

Traveller (Blogspot Blog)

Unusual Suspects (Blogspot Blog)

Villainy Unpublished (Blogspot Blog)

We Play Our Roll (WordPress Blog)

31 Day Character Creation Challenge
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