2022 Character Creation Challenge

Completed character sheets from the 2022 #CharacterCreationChallenge

This is a historical page detailing the 2022 Character Creation Challenge. It contains links to my entries plus links to blogs that participated at the time.

My 2022 #CharacterCreationChallenge entries:

Day 1: Dune Adventures in the Imperium Character: Tarkin Dal of the House Nimoi
Day 2: Wendy’s Feast of Legends Character: Garthos of the Order of the Spicy Chicken Sandwich
Day 3: Dungeons & Dragons-Holmes Basic Character: Dylath
Day 4: Men in Black The Roleplaying Game Character: Agent C
Day 5: BASH! Sci-Fi Edition Character: TaChar
Day 6: Star Wars Saga Edition Character: Keet Apaal
Day 7: Espionage! Character: Devron Marcus
Day 8: Star Trek Adventures-The Klingon Empire Character: Nurot son of H’unos
Day 9: Pirates and Plunder Character: Jason “Jake” McCabe
Day 10: Modern Age Character: Raymond Ray
Day 11: Farscape Roleplaying Game Character: Drellith
Day 12: Castles and Crusades Character: Godfrey of Cloverdale
Day 13: The Judge Dredd Roleplaying Game Character: Judge Stark
Day 14: Boldly Go! Character: Tigrox Carvor of the SFS Valiant
Day 15: Covert Ops Character: William Greene
Day 16: Paranoia 2nd Edition Character: Car-R-PET-1
Day 17: Fantasy Imperium Character: William Moore
Day 18: Cyberpunk v3 Character: Freejack
Day 19: Amazing Adventures 5E Character: Derick Fieldstone
Day 20: Dungeons & Dragons B/X edition Character: Brother Alexander
Day 21: Prime Directive 1st edition Character: Kovil
Day 22: Werewolf The Apocalypse Character: Hans Brulker
Day 23: MERC Character: Mark Powell
Day 24: Dungeon Crawl Classics Character: Multiple
Day 25: White Lies! Character: Ronald Denton
Day 26: Classic Traveller Character: Tyrell Balto
Day 27: Blue Rose Character: Valk Starn
Day 28: Bubblegum Crisis Character: Taxun
Day 29: Technoir Character: Arron “Trench” Chambers
Day 30: Dark Conspiracy Character: Dale Laslow
Day 31: Tiny Dungeon 2nd edition Character: Rek Son of Talk

2022 LINKS:

Here are some of the locations where people have been posting their entries into the Character Creation Challenge. I’ve also noticed that the hashtag #CharacterCreationChallenge has pulled up entries on twitter, facebook and instagram.

RPG.net Character Creation Challenge (Message Board- lots of entries)

Twitter #CharacterCreationChallenge (All entries on Twitter with this hashtag)

31 Characters (Blogspot Blog)

31 Days of Characters (World Anvil Blog)

A Continent of Banalities (Blogspot Blog)

Amazing Tales (Blog)

Barking Alien (Blogspot Blog)

Between Adventures (Blogspot Blog)

Brian Vrtis (WordPress Blog)

Capellan (Pillowfort blog)

Chainmail and Sword (Blogspot Blog)

Chigg’s Chargen Corner (Blogspot Blog)

Design Mechanism (Message Board)

Eyrie (WordPress Blog)

Flubs and Boons (Blogspot Blog)

Gaming with the Gnomies (Blogspot Blog)

Halls of the Nephilim (Blogspot Blog)

Harpy Historia (WordPress Blog)

I Roll To Live (WordPress Blog)

It’s Mr. Wilson! (WordPress Blog)

Jan 22 Char Create (LiveJournal)

Jeremy Puckett (Patron Blog)

Mallory Rolls Along (WordPress Blog)

Subplot Kudzu (Blogspot Blog)

Thalian Musings (Blogspot Blog)

The Corner Bookshelf (WordPress Blog)

The Gnomish Embassy (Blogspot Blog)

The Other Side (Blog)

The Sanctum of the Recondite Sage (Blogspot Blog)

The Sunpot Chronicles (Blog)

The Watch House (Blogspot Blog)

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Three Kobolds In a Trenchcoat (WordPress Blog)

Traveller (Blogspot Blog)

Unusual Suspects (Blogspot Blog)

We Play Our Rolls (WordPress Blog)

31 Day Character Creation Challenge
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