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RPGaDAY 2022 catch up #4

You can find my past RPGaDAY2022 catch up posts here in Part One, Part Two and Part Three. Another busy week in another busy month in another busy summer has come and gone. Again I’ve been very grateful to the family members who came to help out with our summer projects. With how things have been things are starting to look up. I can’t wait to get this cast off of my foot so I can start doing normal things again. I’ve been enjoying reading the #RPGaDAY2022 posts that I’ve come across. It makes me wish that I could get a bunch of friends around a table to actually game. When some of these time-sink projects are done, I may be a step closer to actually hosting again. Until then, here are my RPGaDAY2022 entries for days 22-28.

Day 22: Who is your current character?

This is Dr. R’imr, the Caitian Lieutenant CMO of the Saladin Class USS Acrux. This is in an online Far Trek game that is being run on the Roll20 virtual tabletop website. So far none of the other players have noticed that the character name came from Red Dwarf.

Day 23: What situation is your character currently in?

We were sent to find out why a colony was not responding to Starfleet. When we arrived we discovered Klingons on the scene who were looking for a weapon. What’s really interesting is that the adventure was written by my friend Roger Taylor and adapted to Far Trek. I’ve been on my honor to not pull up the adventure and look at the notes.

Day 24: When did you start playing this character?

At the beginning of 2022. If we are lucky we get a chance to play once a month. Even then, I’ve had to miss a few sessions due to real life getting in the way. Yes the eternal struggle of gaming.

Day 25: Where has that character been?

Boldly going. Oh, more specific than that. The colony is named Tannos IV with “Madsen’s Hope” being the main colony population center.

Day 26: What does your character do what they do?

R’imr studied medicine and joined Starfleet to get away from the homeworld of Cait. He didn’t feel like he was making a difference there so he decided to leave and offer his services to Starfleet. He loves dispensing wisdom when he uses his catchphrase “Now listen to your doctor when he says…”.

Day 27: How has your character changed?

I’m still exploring this. As I noticed changes, I’ll try to report them here.

Day 28: Style Sunday: Roll 1d8+1, tag that many friends with your favorite RPG cover art.

Well once again I can’t really tag anyone in this format. So here is my favorite cover art.

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