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Trans-Siberian Orchestra 2021

In another sign of returning to something resembling normalcy (what a boring word) I had the chance to take the family to a Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert this year. We’ve had a chance to go to several of these in the past and they have always been very entertaining.

Flames and lasers and rock music.
All lined up for one of the songs.
You can feel the heat even in the back of the arena.

If you ever get the chance to attend a Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert, I would highly recommend that you sit in the back part of the arena. TSO sets up their concerts with multi-media all over the arena. If you sit up front, there are several presentations that you’d have to turn around to experience. In past concerts, members of the band use to go down into the audience as part of the show. This concert had cranes that would move band members over several front rows. I remember one concert where they had this ramp that was lowered down and they had band members running up it (while singing or performing, one in high heels that you could use to kill a man with). The 2021 concert had a rotating block with TV screens on all four sides and flames shooting out the top. Again, sit in the back of the arena so you can see the entire show.

There were two safety measures taken by the arena. Unless it was a medial bag (like oxygen) or a diaper bag (and there was a lot of kids present at the concert) you were not allowed to take in a bag of any kind. This includes purses, fanny packs and backpacks. The other safety measure is that everyone had to show a vaccination card or negative COVID-19 test from the previous day or two. It actually made me feel safe to go to the concert. There was a lot of people in the arena. Knowing that they had all been screened before the event made me buy a ticket. Not only am I planning to attend another show very soon (the latest Mystery Science Theater 3000 live show) but I am looking at a few other concerts as well. I would not be considering these without the safety measures in place.

It felt good to go to events again. It felt good to take the family out to make memories. I’m looking forward to making many more.

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