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Battle Royal meets The Prisoner

Logos for The Prisoner and Battle Royale

This isn’t even peanut butter and chocolate being accidentally mushed together so you may be a little confused at first. What does the 1960’s British spy thriller “The Prisoner” and the 2006 Japanese cult film “Battle Royale” have to do with each other?

Answer: They both reminded me of the latest series I binged watched on Netflix called Alice in Borderland. The Prisoner was a psychological spy-fi series where the hero tries to survive brain washing and opponents using super-science in an effort to find out what information the secret agent found that caused him to quit the agency. Number Six doesn’t know if he is being held captive by his own government or a rival power. Battle Royale is a violent movie about kids being forced to kill each other in a last-man standing contest in totalitarian Japan. It was very bloody and controversial when it was released during the time that school shootings dominated the headlines. Both series developed cult followings.

I’m going to type out my thoughts on this blog entry and since I don’t know if I can avoid any spoilers, I’ll post the thoughts on Page 2. You have been warned.

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