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More feedback from the Character Creation Challenge

So the graphic above is the one put together by my art-school college kid. I’ve been sending it out to the people who responded that they have completed the 31 day character creation challenge. If you completed it, shoot me an email and I’ll add you to the list and send you the graphic. It can be posted on your blog, message boards or social media. I still loved that she put this together for me as a gift to those who completed the challenge.

Here are the Names/Handles of those who have completed the challenge and requested the graphic.

Brian C
Craig O
Subplot Kudzu
Three Kobolds

Here are some of the comments I’ve received recently regarding this challenge.

“Thanks, also for your posts (I didn’t even know about Espionage, and thought I’d know the big entries in the genre) and for kicking this of!”

“Thanks so much for inspiring this. I’ve had kind of a wretched January and the challenge was a real bright spot for me.”

“I had great fun across the month – although I’m glad to have finished! But yes please to the badge!”

“I also read your blog post on the Traveller character you created and it sounds as if you pretty much got it in one. The character death is interesting but it was a vital part of the creation as it stopped players maxing out on terms to get the skills with no risk. I thought it rather cleverly balanced.”

“Thank you for the inspiration!”

“I made it to 31!”

“I’d like to once again thank you for organizing this. I had a blast doing and look forward to next year’s Challenge!”

“I made it to 31, although some of them were pretty nothing-y (I might start in October for next time).”

“Ooh, ooh, I made it through all 31 days of the 31-day challenge! What did your daughter make?”

“I did indeed get 31 characters posted, and I look forward to seeing the badge. Thanks for organizing the challenge, and thanks to your daughter for her contribution!”

“I did the thing, and a badge would be lovely. Thanks!”

“It was a lot of fun, and I’m looking forward to it next year.”

“I managed to post a character a day for the whole month.”

So once again thank you to everyone who participated. I’ll be posting more gaming stuff (and non-gaming stuff) very soon to the blog.

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