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Character sheets from past games: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 1st edition

So I’ve been going through my old character book again and I elected to post another character that was used for Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 1st Edition. Let me just apologize right now for the weird name. Not Tebet, the “Knight of Mare” part. I really wonder what younger me was thinking when I created this name. Probably “This will be really kewl.”

This is the second of my two AD&D characters that was in the book. I had already posted an entry talking about Stealthblade during the #RPGaDAY challenge. I have also posted characters for Doctor Who, Cyberpunk and Vampire the Masquerade.

If I recall correctly, I believe this was one of the characters that I played in a RPG club run by a gaming store in my neighborhood. There were several games that happened, so I’m not certain if some of the memories are associated with this character, or another one. I recall that we were investigating a village that had a mysterious bell. When this bell rang, all of the adults in the village suddenly went blank and proceeded by any means available (which meant taking our horses if we didn’t hide them) and riding off to some location to work, only to return several hours later with no recollection of what they had done. I believe the party ended up burning down the bell tower to try to save the villagers. One of my fellow players had been hit with a cursed item, the boots of dancing. While he was sleeping we tried to pull the boots off since he could not. We only succeeded in getting one boot off. Which made for some interesting role playing scenarios with a one footed dancer.

Then again, I could be thinking of another character from one of the many games. Some of my character sheets still had notes, while others do not. I wonder what I would see if I could go back in time and observe myself during these games? It could be interesting, cringe worthy and a little scary.

With the attributes being this good, I think the DM was letting us roll 4d6 and dropping the lowest die.

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