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Review: Lynx RPG Dice Dunce Chair

I had mentioned in my FanX 2022 after-action report that I had picked up a few role-playing items. One of the items that I didn’t get a chance to pick up was any geeky magnets for my home and work office. I had found a few samples, but none of them spoke to me. After my attempt at the con, I elected to check online to see if I could find something that would meet my needs. I searched on Amazon with various names for dice magnets with no success. But in the search, something else popped up that caught my attention.

This is the container that arrived in the mail with the Lynx RPG Dice Dunce Chair. A stylized “dice jail” that players could use to “shame” their dice when they rolled badly. I broke the seal and opened up the package to discover the following.

You could barely see the top of the dunce chair and a large amount of foam padding. I pulled the padding out and inside I found this item inside.

This was the dunce cap that you could place on top of the die in the chair. It has the traditional red color with “dunce” written in white. With it wrapped inside the padding it was very well protected. The next item I pulled out of the container was…

The actual chair itself. The words “Time Out” were scratched into the back of the chair. It was very well detailed looking like it was made out of wood with a brown finish. In reality both the hat and the chair were made of a hard clay that was still light. The hat had a little bit of weight to it. The detail was also continued on the back of the chair with the following carvings.

A couple of carvings were found on the back. A cartoonish looking goblin and a heart with “B&S” contained inside. I was impressed with the back detail. Originally I was thinking that this wouldn’t contain anything. However thinking about it, you wouldn’t know what angle someone could see it at when it was placed on the gaming table.

Now the point of the Lynx RPG Dice Dunce Chair is to place a die that has performed badly during a gaming session. So I first tested it with the Jason Fox Lucky D20 (not that it would end up in a dice jail like this) and this is how it looked.

Next I found a D10 from the set of dice that I had picked up from the Dollar Tree. While the hat sat a little lower, it still covered the die in the chair.

While I was gaming in the 1990’s, I had picked up a 30 sided die not knowing if I would ever use it on a regular basis. Since I still had it and since it was the largest usable die I had, I placed it in the chair to see how it looked. It still fit both the chair and the dunce cap.

The last die I tested was one of the original D4’s that I owned from my gaming time in the 80’s. I believe this came with one of the Dungeons and Dragons boxed sets. The dunce cap sat a little lower, but still covered the die in it’s shame function.

The only concern I had while using this die jail was the dunce cap would not sit on top of the die without needing to rest on the back of the chair. But once it was in place, it didn’t teeter or try to fall off. So this may have been by design. Which would make sense because you didn’t know what type of die would be placed in the Lynx RPG Dunce Chair. I can see this prop gaining a few laughs when I pull it out after a frustrating result. It would certainly keep me from wanting to smash the die with a hammer, so that would save me a few bucks in trying to replace my dice.

I’d still like to find some geeky RPG magnets for my offices. The search continues.

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