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Star Trek Universe final needs

Star Trek Universe binders
The binders for the Star Trek Universe collection.

In 1998 Newfield Publications released the Star Trek Universe collection. It was a set of ten cards that could be placed into a three-ringed binder. Each card gave trivia and information on a different subject from the (then) four Star Trek series. This included crew, ships, races, episodes/film synopsis, characters, movies, culture, technology and behind the scenes. The company included a set of coasters and three-ringed binders. The publication ran until 2001 when it unexpectedly shut down after 950 cards in total.

Each card had a product number of ####-##-##. The first four numbers were some sort of organization number used by the publisher. The first two digits was the card set number (cards marked 16 from the 16th set) and the last two digits are the number of the card in the set (01-10). For some reason, there is a replacement set for set two that changed some of the cards.

When this first started, I got the introductory set. But I was never able to fully subscribe to the program. I’ve always wanted to have a complete set. Every once in a while I’d come across someone who was willing to trade, sell or just give away the cards that they had. I’ve been slowly completing a set and I’m finally within striking distance of accomplishing this goal. If I can find these last cards, it will be complete.

The Borg Queen (Set 2 Replacement card)

Set 14:

  The Galileo Seven

  Tomorrow is Yesterday

  Lieutenant Saavik

  Elim Garak


  USS Voyager NCC-74565

Set 15:

  The Naked Time



  Dr. Julian Bashir

  Amanda Grayson


Set 16:

  The Ultimate Computer

  Chief Miles Edward O’Brien

  The Clown


Set 90:

  Up the Long Ladder

  A Man Alone





  Starfleet Propulsion Specialist Kosinski

  Qualor II Surplus Depot

  Romulan Tal Shiar


I have loose cards and several sets still in shrinkwrap if anyone would like to make a trade. If someone has cards that they would be willing to sell or give away, please let me know by emailing me at Carl (at)

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