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RPGaDay2023 Day 19: Favorite published adventure

For Day 19 of the #RPGaDAY2023 Challenge we were asked to discuss our favorite published adventure. Like some of the other favorites in this challenge, how can I select just one. So in order to make sure this isn’t a huge blog post, I’m going to stick with two that came to mind.

Demand of Honor for the FASA Star Trek RPG

I loved reading through Demand of Honor for the Star Trek Role Playing Game by FASA. There were quite a few good published adventures from FASA that followed up on episodes from the original Star Trek. This one gave us the aftermath of the episode Arena where we first saw the Gorn. From the FASA catalogs we had sourcebooks for The Federation, Klingons, Romulans, Orions, Merchants and more. The planned Starship Recognition Manual for the Gorns was never released. I don’t know if we ever would have received a manual for the Gorns, so this adventure was the closest we got. Insight on the Gorn point of view. It gave details about what the state of affairs after Kirk’s fight with the Gorn. We were also rewarded with a new Gorn vessel (with deck plans) that was probably planned for the recognition manual. This was great to flip through and read. I just wish that I could have played or GMed this adventure.

Into the Borderlands by Goodman Games

I no longer have my original copy of B2 The Keep on the Borderlands. In the mid-90’s when I had to cut down on the amount of D&D books that I owned for various reasons (20/20 hindsight told me that I should have kept them). But I remember reading this module. I remember wanting to play this module. Eventually I even ran this module as my first attempt at being a Dungeon Master. In my conversations a lot of people had this book and loved it as well. So it didn’t surprise me that Goodman Games had obtained the rights to publish a 5E conversion of B1: In Search of the Unknown and B2 called Into the Borderlands. I was able to pick up a copy myself and loved reading through the history and information. I should sit down and do a full review of this hardbound book.

As I mentioned above, there were several other printed adventures that I would love to mention as well. I felt the need to restrain myself at this time. I may make future blog posts talking about some of the others.

Do you have a favorite adventure that was published for a role playing game? Tell me about it. This article is open for discussion on the TardisCaptain dot Com Discord server. You can also email me at Carl (at) with any comments.

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Daily Star Trek Quotes: August 14-20

Hanging on while watching the latest season of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

Here are the Daily Star Trek Quotes that will appear on the @STrekQuotes Twitter account and the @STrekQuotes Mastodon account for the week of August 14th through August 20th.

August 14
“Why are we pursuing the Entity, if not to destroy it?” Dr. Marr “We are not hunters, Doctor. Nor is it our role to exact revenge.” Picard- Silicon Avatar, Stardate: 45122.3 #StarTrek #StarTrekTNG #IDIC #WeAreStarfleet

August 15
“I’ve noticed that about your people, Doctor. You find it easier to understand the death of one than the death of a million. You speak about the objective hardness of the Vulcan heart, yet how little room there seems to be in yours.” Spock- The Immunity Syndrome, Stardate: 4307.1 #StarTrek #StarTrekTOS #IDIC #WeAreStarfleet

August 16
“Alright, Niners! Let’s hear some chatter! Hey, Batter!” Sisko “Hey, batter batter batter batter!” Yates “Hey, batter batter batter batter batter batter!” Leeta “Death to the opposition!” Worf- Take Me Out to the Holosuite, Stardate: Unknown #StarTrek #StarTrekDS9 #IDIC #WeAreStarfleet

August 17
“A positive attitude is vital to the healing process. The more you complain, the longer your recovery is likely to take.” Dr. Phlox- Dead Stop, Date: Unknown #StarTrek #StarTrekENT #IDIC #WeAreStarfleet

August 18
“How many glasses of champagne did you consume?” The Doctor “One” Seven “Obviously the Borg can’t hold their liquor.” The Doctor- Timeless, Stardate: 52143.6 #StarTrek #StarTrekVOY #IDIC #WeAreStarfleet

August 19
Happy Birthday to Diana Muldaur. #StarTrek #StarTrekTOS #StarTrekTNG #IDIC #WeAreStarfleet

“Splint. It’s a very ancient concept. You take two flat pieces of wood or plastic, a bandage. The broken limb is kept immobile.” Dr. Pulaski “That’s crazy, that’s not practicing medicine.” Nurse “It’s a time-honored way to practice medicine with your head, and your heart and your hands.” Dr. Pulaski- Contagion, Stardate: 42609.1 #StarTrek #StarTrekTNG #IDIC #WeAreStarfleet

Happy Birthday to Jonathan Frakes. @jonathansfrakes #StarTrek #StarTrekTNG #StarTrekFilm #StarTrekDS9 #StarTrekVOY #StarTrekENT #StarTrekPicard #StarTrekLowerDecks #IDIC #WeAreStarfleet

“We’ve got our phasers locked on your warp cores, and nothing would make me happier than you giving me an excuse to kick your treacherous Tal Shiar ass. But instead, I’m going to ask you one time to stand down.” Riker- Et in Arcadia Ego Part 2, Stardate: Unknown #StarTrek #StarTrekPicard #IDIC #WeAreStarfleet

August 20
Happy Birthday to John Noble. @thejohnnoble #StarTrek #StarTrekProdigy #IDIC #WeAreStarfleet

“Every moment that Fugitive Zero stays at large gives the Unwanted hope, and hope has no purpose here.” The Diviner- Lost and Found, Stardate: Unknown #StarTrek #StarTrekProdigy #IDIC #WeAreStarfleet

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RPGaDay2023 Day 14: Favorite Convention Purchase

Day 14 of the #RPGaDAY2023 Challenge and the subject is “Favorite Convention Purchase”. Well I’ve been to a ton of conventions. I really need to get my convention resume updated and placed on this site. However since this is a challenge geared towards roleplaying games, I’ll have to think about an item I purchased from an RPG convention.

My very first convention ever back in the late 80’s was an RPG convention. It was held at a local library and there were a ton of D&D games going on. Comics Utah ran Kublai Con when it was still around, but heck if I can remember if I had purchased anything from that event. Another gaming store that had been located in the Southtown mall that ran a quarterly gaming convention (I met several friends there for the first time). But I don’t recall if I had purchased anything from these events. In the 90’s to early 2000’s, CONduit had some gaming going on and I know I purchased items there. But it was primarily a literary convention so I don’t know if this would count?

This year I’ve been to SaltCON-Spring and SaltCON-Summer. And I documented what I had purchased from these events. So from those two events my favorite convention purchase (at least for now) are the Star Trek Adventures Player’s Guide and the Star Trek Adventures Gamemaster’s Guide. I had purchaesed these from a small local RPG store that had a table at the convention. I was able to support a small business. If you read my after action reports for both events, you’ll see that I also picked up several other books that I plan to use in the 2024 Character Creation Challenge. So it is a possibility that I may change this answer in the future.

What is your favorite convention purchase? Tell me about it. This article is open for discussion on the TardisCaptain dot Com Discord server. You can also email me at Carl (at) with any comments.

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Daily Star Trek Quotes: August 7-13

What it feels like when you have car issues.

Here are the Daily Star Trek Quotes that will appear on the @STrekQuotes Twitter account and the @STrekQuotes Mastodon account for the week of August 7th through August 13th.

August 7
Happy Birthday to Cirroc Lofton. #StarTrek #StarTrekDS9 #IDIC #WeAreStarfleet

“I’ve heard that you can only write about what you’ve experienced. And you got to admit Deep Space 9 is a pretty good pace to get experience.” Jake- Explorers, Stardate: Unknown #StarTrek #StarTrekDS9 #IDIC #WeAreStarfleet

Happy Birthday to Brett Gray. @brettgray #StarTrek #StarTrekProdigy #IDIC #WeAreStarfleet

“So, a good captain puts the needs of the crew first before himself. Maybe I should be using these ears more than my mouth.” Dal- Kobayashi, Stardate: Unknown #StarTrek #StarTrekProdigy #IDIC #WeAreStarfleet

August 8
“I have noticed that parents tend to exaggerate when it comes to their children’s accomplishments.” Data- Inheritance, Stardate: 47410.2 #StarTrek #StarTrekTNG #IDIC #WeAreStarfleet

August 9
Happy Birthday to Eric Bana. @EricBana67 #StarTrek #StarTrekFilm #IDIC #WeAreStarfleet

“And for twenty five years I planned my revenge against the Federation, and forgot what it was like to live a normal life. But I did not forget the pain. It’s a pain that every surviving Vulcan now shares.” Nero- Star Trek (2009), Stardate: 2233.04 #StarTrek #StarTrekFilm #IDIC

August 10
Happy Birthday to Evan Evagora. #StarTrek #StarTrekPicard #IDIC #WeAreStarfleet

“Why didn’t you go with him?” Seven “Picard released me. I found a cause even more lost than his.” Elnor- Broken Pieces, Stardate: Unknown #StarTrek #StarTrekPicard #IDIC #WeAreStarfleet

August 11
“Listen to me very carefully because I’m only going to say this once. Coffee, black.” Janeway- Bride of Chaotica!- Startdate: Unknown #StarTrek #StarTrekVOY #IDIC #WeAreStarfleet

August 12
Remembering Jane Wyatt who was born on this date in 1910. #StarTrek #StarTrekTOS #StarTrekFilm #IDIC #WeAreStarfleet

“That’s not a dirty word. You’re Human, too. Let that part of you come through.” Amanda- Journey to Babel, Stardate: 3842.3 #StarTrek #StarTrekTOS #IDIC #WeAreStarfleet

August 13
Happy Birthday to Dawnn Lewis. @dawnn_lewis #StarTrek #StarTrekLowerDecks #IDIC #WeAreStarfleet

“Our ship might not be the biggest, and we might do the missions nobody else wants, but we are still Starfleet.” Freeman- An Embarrassment of Dooplers, Stardate: 58053.9 #StarTrek #StarTrekLowerDecks #IDIC #WeAreStarfleet

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RPGaDay2023 Day 6: Favorite game you never get to play

So I had to think about this topic for Day 6 of the #RPGaDAY2023 Challenge. “Favorite game you never get to play.” Between physical copies and PDFs purchased online through DriveThruRPG or charity bundles I have a lot of games. Some I’ve read and they were OK, while others I’ve read and I’ve really wanted to try them out. So which one do I choose? Some of these covered science fiction, espionage, post-apocalyptic and more. I’ve never played the Star Trek RPG that was released by Last Unicorn Games, but considering how big of a fan I am of FASA Star Trek and Star Trek Adventures, I wouldn’t mind playing LUG Trek once to try it out, but it’s not really at the top of my list. I want to pick a game that not only would I want to play in a campaign, but I’d want to homebrew for like I have with FASA Trek and STA Trek.

So when I narrowed it down, I felt that Frontier Space by DWD Studios is my selection for this topic. It barely beats out Castles and Crusades (I’ve been told that I can hopefully get into a C&C game if I can get on their discord), Apes Victorious (I don’t know anyone who plays this, but it’s a D20 retro so it should be easy to pick up) and White Lies (an espionage game also by DWD Studios).

I’ve created a character for Frontier Space in a past Character Creation Challenge. The system is rolling a percentile to see if you succeed in a task with your Ability and Skill scores combined creating your target number to roll under (kinda similar to the 2d20 system seen in Star Trek Adventures) The character creation process is pretty straight forward and I thought was easy to understand. The universe it is set in sounds intriguing to play, but the system could easily be adapted for other franchises if desired. I love the use of percentile dice and I am a big fan of science fiction. So perhaps, someday I’ll be able to get some friends into a game?

I’ve actually talked with some RPG fans in my local Star Trek club about an idea of them showing up for a game night not knowing which game we will be experimenting with. I’d run a one-shot for them, explaining the rules and gathering their feedback for a future blog post. I need to get this done because I think it would be fun. Now I just need to get the time set aside to put something like this together. I hate the dreaded real-life/schedule curse.

What roleplaying game would you like to play that you haven’t had a chance to yet? Tell me about it. This article is open for discussion on the TardisCaptain dot Com Discord server. You can also email me at Carl (at) with any comments.

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RPGaDay2023 Day 4: Most Recent Game You Bought

For day 4 of the #RPGaDAY2023 challenge, the topic is “Most recent game bought”. I basically have two answers.

The latest dead-tree purchase was the Star Trek: Lower Decks Campaign Guide for the Star Trek: Adventures system by Modiphius. You can read about my un-boxing of the book here.

Of a complete game system, the latest purchase was Sorcery and Super Science by Expeditious Retreat Press. I picked this up from a Bundle of Holding sale that happened in earlier this year.

Sorcery and Super Science is a post-apocalyptic game that appears to be heavily influenced by the 1980’s cartoon series “Thundarr the Barbarian“. I clearly remember a world thousands of years in the future where the moon was cracked and the land was ravaged by sorcery and super science. Dang it, now I need to watch the series again.

I haven’t had a chance to go over all of the rules yet. But I’m certain that I’ll be using this in the 2024 Character Creation Challenge.

What was your latest RPG purchase? Was it a full game or a supplement? Tell me about it. This article is open for discussion on the TardisCaptain dot Com Discord server. You can also email me at Carl (at) with any comments.

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#RPGaDay2023 Day 1: First RPG Played (this year)

Alright I was able to get through the month of July, so let’s start the #RPGaDAY2023 challenge that I had posted about previously. The day 1 topic is “First RPG played (this year)”. OK, this should be easy.

Except it wasn’t. I had to go back and check. I thought it was my FarTrek game, but it appears that the first half of the year was under the dreaded “schedule curse”. So my first games were at SaltCON in March. At this gaming convention I was able to play the following roleplaying games in one shots.

Pathfinder 2nd Edition- The GM was really good. If I had a good GM like that, I could see myself participating in a campaign. Lots of stuff in Pathfinder that could become too overwhelming if not handled well.

Alien– I had a lot of fun in this game. It was my first try at the system and I could see that I’d prefer a character that I had made instead of a pre-made one. Besides being a big fan of the Alien franchise, I had met the author of the RPG at a previous FanX: The Salt Lake Comic Convention.

Dungeon Crawl Classics– I’ve always wanted to play in a level-0 funnel and SaltCON gave me the opportunity to try this out. DCC is another game that I could see myself playing as part of a campaign.

Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition- A filler game after another game I had scheduled was canceled.

Mistborn– I didn’t really have fun on this game. See the SaltCON Spring 2023 After Action blog post.

James Bond 007– The classic game from the 80’s. It was my first time playing it and I had a blast.

Star Trek Adventures– The GM ran us through a scenario that was inspired by Star Trek: Lower Decks. This was before the new Lower Decks Campaign Guide had come out.

GURPS– The scenario was set in the Aliens universe. This was where I was glad that I didn’t have to create a character.

Cyberpunk RED– It was good to step back into this universe after I had played the original Cyberpunk many years ago.

What was the first role playing game you played this year? This article is open for discussion on the TardisCaptain dot Com Discord server. You can also email me at Carl (at) with any comments.

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Daily Star Trek Quotes: July 31-August 6

How Klingons deal with a Monday.

Here are the Daily Star Trek Quotes that will appear on the @STrekQuotes Twitter account and the @STrekQuotes Mastodon account for the week of July 31st through August 6th.

July 31
“I’m a doctor, not an engineer.” Dr. McCoy “Now you’re an engineer.” Scotty- Mirror, Mirror, Stardate: Unknown #StarTrek #StarTrekTOS #IDIC #WeAreStarfleet

August 1
“They’re brothers, Data. Brothers forgive.” Dr. Crusher- Brothers, Stardate: 44085.7 #StarTrek #StarTrekTNG #IDIC #WeAreStarfleet

August 2
Happy Birthday to Angus Imrie. #StarTrek #StarTrekProdigy #IDIC #WeAreStarfleet

“While I may have harmed others in the past, I now choose to save.” Zero- Let Sleeping Borg Lie, Stardate: 61284.3 #StarTrek #StarTrekProdigy #IDIC #WeAreStarfleet

August 3
“I’m no writer, but if I were it seems to me I’d want to poke my head up every once in a while and take a look around see what’s going on.” Sisko- The Visitor, Stardate: Unknown #StarTrek #StarTrekDS9 #IDIC #WeAreStarfleet

August 4
“Who would have thought that this eclectic group of Voyagers could actually become a family? Starfleet, Maquis, Human, Talaxian, hologram, Borg – even Mr. Paris.” The Doctor- Year of Hell, Part I, Stardate: 51268.4 #StarTrek #StarTrekVOY #IDIC #WeAreStarfleet

August 5
Happy Birthday to Bruce Horak. @brucehorak #StarTrek #StarTrekStrangeNewWorlds #IDIC #WeAreStarfleet

“I will not fight for Starfleet. But I will defend its ideals.” Hemmer- Memento Mori, Stardate: 3177.3 #StarTrek #StarTrekStrangeNewWorlds #IDIC #WeAreStarfleet

August 6
Happy Birthday to Michelle Yeoh. @michelle_yeoh #StarTrek #StarTrekDiscovery #IDIC #WeAreStarfleet

“You should consider staying around. Our command believes misfits have merit, so we keep busy.” Georgiou “I’m surprised you call yourself a misfit, ’emperor’.” Tyler “The freaks are more fun.” Georgiou- Point of Light, Stardate: 1029.46 #StarTrek #StarTrekDiscovery #IDIC #WeAreStarfleet

Star Trek: Lower Decks premiered on this date in 2020 with the episode Second Contact. #StarTrek #StarTrekLowerDecks #IDIC #WeAreStarfleet

“Ugh, senior officers are overrated. They’re always like stressed out and just yelling about directives. It is better down here where the real action is.” Mariner- Second Contact, Stardate: 57436.2 #StarTrek #StarTrekLowerDecks #IDIC #WeAreStarfleet

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Daily Star Trek Quotes: July 24-30

When the Star Trek: Strange New Worlds/Lower Decks crossover episode is released early and lives up to the expectations.

Here are the Daily Star Trek Quotes that will appear on the @STrekQuotes Twitter account and the @STrekQuotes Mastodon account for the week of July 24th through July 30th.

July 24
“Trying to get yourself killed… Do you know how much Starfleet has invested in you?” Kirk “One hundred twenty-two thousand, two-hundred…” Spock “Never mind!” Kirk- The Apple, Stardate: 3715.3 #StarTrek #StarTrekTOS #IDIC #WeAreStarfleet

July 25
“As deeply as you feel hurt, you can also feel joy.” Picard- Suddenly Human, Stardate: 44143.7 #StarTrek #StarTrekTNG #IDIC #WeAreStarfleet

July 26
Happy Birthday to Nana Visitor. @NanaVisitor #StarTrek #StarTrekDS9 #StarTrekLowerDecks #IDIC #WeAreStarfleet

“If you want to change the government, Minister Jaro, you vote to change it. You don’t sneak up from behind it with a dagger.” Kira- The Circle, Stardate: Unknown #StarTrek #StarTrekDS9 #IDIC #WeAreStarfleet

July 27
“Imagination frees the mind. It inspires ideas and solutions, and it can provide a great deal of pleasure. Human progress, the human mind itself, couldn’t exist without them.” Janeway- The Raven, Stardate: Unknown #StarTrek #StarTrekVOY #IDIC #WeAreStarfleet

July 28
“I see no reason to be concerned with idle gossip.” T’Pol- Rajiin, Date: Unknown #StarTrek #StarTrekENT #IDIC #WeAreStarfleet

July 29
Happy Birthday to Wil Wheaton. @wilw #StarTrek #StarTrekTNG #StarTrekFilm #StarTrekReadyRoom #StarTrekPicard #IDIC #WeAreStarfleet

“That’s what this exchange program is all about. You learn the way we do things and take that information back to your command. It’s up to them to decide which is better.” Wesley- A Matter of Honor, Stardate: 42506.5 #StarTrek #StarTrekTNG #IDIC #WeAreStarfleet

July 30
Happy Birthday to Mary Wiseman. @may_wise #StarTrek #StarTrekDiscovery #StarTrekShortTreks #IDIC #WeAreStarfleet

“I will remember to expect nothing… even from this espresso. Espresso –I release you.” Tilly- Runaway, Stardate: Unknown #StarTrek #StarTrekDiscovery #IDIC #WeAreStarfleet

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July 2023 Star Trek eBook deals

It looks like the Dominion War from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is taking front and center for the latest eBook deal from Pocket books. There are also a couple of Voyager novels in this mix as well. Various Star Trek digital novels are only 99 cents for the month. Amazon is also doing a special where you earn points for each book you buy. This can lead to free books.

I noticed something putting this blog post together. The 3rd novel in the Dominion War series is listed by Pocket Books (and on Amazon) as being written by Esther Friesner. Yet the cover has John Vornholt listed. Does anyone know why there is a discrepancy?

Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Dominion War Book 1 Behind Enemy Lines by John Vornholt
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Dominion War Book 2 Call to Arms by Diane Carey
Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Dominion War Book 3 Tunnel Through The Stars by Esther Friesner
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Dominion War Book 4 Sacrifice of Angels by Diane Carey
Star Trek Tales of the Dominion War edited by Keith R.A. DeCandio
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Rising Son by S.D. Perry
Star Trek: Voyager: Captain Proton Defender of the Earth by Dean Wesley Smith
Star Trek: Voyager: Seven of Nine by Christie Golden

Which books have you read? Which book do you think would make for a good Star Trek Adventures scenario? Feel free to talk about it on my the TardisCaptain dot Com Discord channel.

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